Bitter Truth vs Comforting Lies

Would you rather tell people the bitter truth or the comforting lies?

I did an experiment and I can tell you with certainty, ALWAYS tell the comforting lies and not the bitter truth.

If you decide to become brutally honest when asked for an opinion, people will always get very angry. Even when someone asks you to be honest, and you tell him/her the uncomfortable truth, they still get angry.

Jamaa akikuuliza umpee opinion when he is about to propose, umwambie his woman is a gold-digger after his $$, he will get very mad yet he asked for an honest opinion. Halafu akichezwa anakupigia simu kukuuliza what to do because the woman has played him or wateva.

My conclusion is that to be very good with interpersonal relationships, you have to be a hypocrite of sorts and lie to people in their face. Telling people the truth when it is negative for their situation places you in a lose-lose position.

Hehe, mimi nimeamua friendships are best when restricted to fun times. Hizi parapara zingine za sijui kusaidiana sijui ukuwe therapist wa beste yako, hapana. Just seek professional help when you are in need.

The only person you should never lie to is yourself… You have no business telling either lies or truths to other people… They know it themselves… So why get sucked into it…avoid it at all costs… Your goose is cooked either way if you lie to them or stick with the truth… change the topic very fast or Walk away from that conversation very fast,

Mimi going forward I will only give good news hata ikibidi nidanganye. For example, beste yako akukujie na business idea na unajua poa 99% of such businesses fail. Ukimwambia ukweli that probably atapoteza pesa, atakasirika sana. Na akijaribu akuwe among the 1%, ataishi kusema ulimdiscourage lakini akatoboa. Akifail pia atakuchukia bado. So, telling a friend the truth when it doesn’t favor his situation is always a lose-lose game. Heri umdanganye tuu hata kama unajua at the back of your mind that he will probably lose money and time.

Friends are friends and people ask their friends for opinions. I am sure hata wewe beste yako ashawahi kuuliza your opinion about something before they make a decision. It is only human.

Lying to people you loose your integrity and respect… Mwulize Tu maswali, ajigundulie ukweli mwenyewe… After all the truth is also very relative and subjective just like lies… It is never static and changes with circumstances and situations or parameters… It’s just a window in time… And we know time is not static

Politicians will say otherwise. They lie through their teeth and get elected. For example, Ruto na Uhuru walidanganya many a yutmen about stadiums. Do you think wangekuwa elected wangeambia wananchi ukweli that the country is not rich enough to afford stadiums kama za Germany?? :D:D

People say they want the truth but their actions towards those who speak the truth reveal otherwise. Being a hypocrite will get you further than speaking the bitter truth as far as interpersonal relationships are concerned. People only like the truth when it isn’t bitter i.e when it favors them.

Kama ni rafiki yako basi mwambie ukweli hususan kama ni rafiki wa ndani. Lakini usimkejeli au kumdhihaki. Kama rafiki yako anakumbana na majanga mhurumie na pia umpe ushauri kwa utilivu. Labda ushauri wako utamsaidia siku za usoni.

Sometimes white lie. Hapana danganya saana

Elimu na ujuzi ulionao haukuelimishwa? Usikuwe mwoga…hata kama sikio la kufa haliskii dawa una wajibu wa kuwashauri wenzako. Sasa wewe huwaskizi marafiki zako?

Hujaskia msemo marafiki mjini ni hasara tupu… :smiley:

Wrong! If you tell a beautiful sexy woman the truth about her looks, they will be blushed…not mad.:slight_smile:


Yet if you tell an ugly woman the bitter truth about her looks…? :D:D:D:D


Indeed. Kama wewe ni wa kusema ukweli all the time, no one will want to be around you, hata familia.

True, ukiambia mtu ukweli inakua ni ka uko na chuki na yeye.

Fuck lies and fuck fake friendships where you have to tell lies. Honesty is the best policy.

Achaneni na maisha ya watu, especially kama mumefika 30’s. Ukiona mtu anaenda kwa malaya kupata ukimwi achana na yeye. Kama anakunywa sana, achana na yeye. Business advice, jiekee achana na yeye afanye chenye anataka.

Basically Fagia kwako!

Akikuuliza umnyamazie ama?? Juu I am not talking about unsolicited opinions or advice hapa. Ni beste yako akuulize opinion ya any issue sio wewe umwambie kama hajakuuliza. If it was that easy singepost.

Hapo Tricky. Unatafuta tu njaro ya kuhepa hiyo story all together. In these fragile times where people compare their lives with others via social media, everyone feels nikama the world owes him/her something. Nilikosea wapi Mungu is often a word most people say in their silent prayers. Bursting peoples bubbles they are fornicators/drunkars/lazy will not be taken kindly even if its the truth.

Hence my observation that when cornered like that, heri kuambia mtu chenye anataka kuskia I.e the comforting lie.

@Ndindu come here priss:D:D:D:D:D