Bitter Truth: Tanzania is The Country and The Nation but yours is just a Country

Do you think your country is not mono tribe state?

“It is not a courage” what does this mean? Shenzi semi-literate idiot.

Yaani mimi nimekaa UK unifundishe Kingereza. Nguruwe toka Kibera :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Ulikaa UK lakini ujinga wa TZ ni ngumu kutoka kwa hicho kichwa chako.

Ulikula albino huko UK?

Hiking pia ni kiingereza cha UK? Chupi ya Suluhu wewe

Let no one lie to us Kenyans.

We had 8 provinces, the story of Kikuyu can only be grounded in Central Kenya province.

Now we have 47 counties, with around 47 to 52 tribes, each of them can be located in a subcounty within a county.

Just because dimwit 255 doesn’t read Kenya bureau of statistics and spews Nyerere ujamaa mantras doesn’t mean he is right. He even abused yet he claims kenyans abuse instead of of arguing soberly.

I wonder why the technical document about Kenya sgr is no longer available online, I see them wanking on jamii forums…

. I’m still digging that document, the only prove without evidence I can give you is Kenya needs a stable Ethiopia moyale and kibish, dhobley and gedo somalia, darsalaam, Zanzibar, Arusha, namanga Tanzania, jinja, Entebbe, malaba, karamojong region in Uganda, juba and equtoistate south Sudan and a rubist Seychelles and Comoros.

The rest of you can do wtf you want

Day dreams

Lappset - 1975

Northern corridor - 1910s-1920, formalized in 1980s

Do you know what a feasibility study is…? No one puts money in anything useless!!!

Sometimes I imagine it was a strategic move to pose the sgr at naivasha and allow TZ sign contracts allover. Whatever the effects, it’s neutralized when the naivasha Kisumu malaba route is done after TX has finished hanging herself.

One more thing, it’s still a strategic move to let Uganda hang herself in trying to access Juba,

We shall neutralize that with isiolo nakodok highway and railway.

We wuz wize

We are not talking about non workable projects.

Day dreams. Lipeni kwanza IMF Loans and Chinese debt

Engaging with this TZ halfwit is a waste of precious time:joy::rofl::fire:

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si nimesema hapa low IQ combined with lack of educations makes for some very stupid characters in TZ karibu >90%

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So I wanted you to engage me?

As long as the Tanzania Literacy rate is above of Kenya inanifanya nikuone wewe ni mpumbavu tu.

you still vindicate me every time am amazed

Who cares :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Leo chupa limeamka na chai