Bitter single mothers are are too predictable!

Gentlemen, you are the prize and when a woman can’t get you due to her low value, she resorts to shaming language. Look at this one, for example, trying to use Bob Collymore to justify how men should marry single moms. Shaming guys who don’t compromise on their standards and principles by calling them broke. If a guy is so broke then why the fuck do you want him to take care of you and your brood of bastards? As I said, women are the most deluded creatures on earth. She expects to ride the cock carousel and ignore you as you grind in the trenches then waltz into your life with her bastards in tow once you’ve made it. If such futile efforts at shaming language get to you then you need to work on your frame.


Siezi oa single mom. Period

Huoni vile tumechapwa shaming language so that we can “man up” and be “real men” who take responsibility kama @byro :D:D:D:D:D.
No amount of shaming language can make me use my hard earned cash to raise another man’s bastard.


Time will tell…

Tulishasema singo madha tunaweza oa ni mtoi wa kagame AMA uhunye AMA trump na lazima huyo singo madha akuwe not above 16 years na virgin .

I dated a single mother of one for a few years & it was hell on earth. Hell nakwambia. Most psychotic bitch i ever met. They’re easy poonani coz they’re desperate kiasi so hit it if you need it and split faster than your legs can carry you. More so if she’s the mother of a boy. My mistake was i stayed too long & i was naive sana at the time.

2nd of all Bob Collymore is not anyone’s dating role model. Who in their right mind can marry a single mother of two not even one :point_up:? Wawili ??? May he RIP but that was the dumbest “soft-guy-wimp” move ever.

wacha tutegeneze more single mothers for true African heros Like RIP Bob to marry

Si muwache marehemu aende na amani

Goodluck to her.

leta full hekaya.

it is alleged that since Collymores arrival, this ladys marriage started nosediving…the mamaa sawa an opp n seized it kicked the African ninja to the curb…Shiganaa to the grave

Amani hajakufa , hata aliimba kwa ile wimbo ya nameless Ninanoki

Niaje Nvchieth? Wazaee wakiongea unaenda kitchen unakaaaa na wamamaaa kwa kiti moto

and he said he has perfected in divorce

I always ask myself this, if the father to her child/children would rather be away from his flesh and blood than stand her ass, then what makes you think that the outcome will be any different for you when y’all date?

we are never boarding…ever…!!

“Time will tell” is a defeatist statement in this context, If you have certain standards and principles as a man, you stick by them to the very end. Women are the only ones allowed to lower their standards as they go because their value decreases with time.

Actually you know what @Duke, that is a very smart way of approaching the issue. If the biological dad of those kiddoz can’t stand her bitchiness, sisi ndo nani? Man! I like that.