Bitter Rivals RAO & Gachagua Embrace, Can Nyanza & Central Numbers Sway The Vote?

Vindu Huchechanga,

Who would have thought that bromance between Gachagua and Ruto would fizzle so fast? The guy who used to say that he has laid traps all around Statehouse to stop mzee wa vitendawili. Now they are in the same nest.

This is the right time to push that 1 Man 1 Vote 1 Ksh formula, saa hii joto la Budget likiwa juu

This is a clear example that politics favors politicians. They will side on where they will benefit. Sisi ndio wajinga


This will be a political hot potato because Ruto wants the Central Vote but loathes 1M1V1S, na watu wa Central hata wale UDAku diehards want this formula

Shitty counties in the North think that by implementing the 1man 1 vote 1 shilling formula their allocations will go down.

Very stupid reasoning by stupid leaders.