Hehe mainvestor wa Bitcoin mwaonaje hii bei vile inashuka constantly. Tuuze zenye tuko nazo ama tungoje ipande…

OSTree is an upgrade system for Linux-based operating systems that performs atomic upgrades of complete filesystem trees. It is not a package system; rather, it is intended to complement them. A primary model is composing packages on a server, and then replicating them to clients.

One of bitcoin manager had been kidnapped last week but was later freed

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency sijaiskia mambo kama manager…

Google my friend, and be watching bbc


Understanding bitcoin imekuwa ngumu of late . Ever since reports of market manipulation and that investigations will be done , things have been dropping , sideways , zigi zaga .

Na MegaKing siku izi unaendelea kuwa fala sana at an alarming rate. What is happening?

Uza ununue ripple kama sisi

i dont mind the prices lakini transaction fees ni wazimu

Next coin to watch is Stella. Was watching it since yesterday, has shot from .31 to .45 @40% increase. It seems its heading the ripple way to the moon. Wasee wa Ripple happy new year. The ×2.5 investment increase haikuwa rahisi.

Exmo ni exchange uncle si the Bitcoin organization.

How is bitcoin being manipulated. I’m looking to buy cardano

Mtu huongea vitu anajua… That is just an exchange. Nobody has control of bitcoin. It is decentralized. But obviously there are people out there with large amounts of bitcoin.:D:D

Binance has alot of alt coin ranging price from .05 to bitcoin price…and the truth is all the coin usually rise, dip and correct. If you analyse some coins utaona a pattern. You can easily jump in and enjoy a cool ride to the moon.

Binance hucharge anything on deposits?

Yes. 0.1% They only deal with alt coin. Any first timer must have alt coin for any transaction to happen.

Like Bitcoin, litecoin Ethereum and so?

Exactly. There is also USDT.

uza… uingie Xrp, trx , xvg na Eos the seenwhere you will reach