Bitcoin Trading Fraud

How is it that guys can trade bitcoin anonymously? At some point, there must be a connection between the digital currency and bank currency right?

Just seen this thread where some Bitcoin P2P traders were arrested by BFIU Cops in Nairobi pale kwa Mwangi because they received stolen funds from I&M. Proceeds of bitcoin sales…


What’s going on?

BFIU extorting traders/investors? :eek:

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Seems so.

Hii si thread wee meffi

Hii sio thread wee mef

Let me follow this. I’ll be back.

bitcoin is not anonymous, if you recieve dirty btc kuna vitu zinaitwa tumblers they help in “cleaning” them…

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The story is bigger. Some innocent LBC folks were caught up trading some Bitcoin for stolen cash from I&M bank.

The thief was trying to turn his loot into Bitcoin so he can hid it. He was using unverified account on LBC which shouldn’t have allowed him to make large transactions without him being approved.

That has to be an area where LBC is going to have to fix.

Anyway CBK froze the accounts of the innocent LBC traders and put them through hell by extortion.

Then after that new charges were put against them for robbing 10m from a Safaricom paybill no. Which is odd because the loot was stolen from I&M bank.

So that’s the whole story.

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Whole Thread here

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So ferked up, people can’t even invest without some greedy bastards feeling they have a right to other peoples hard earned money.