bitcoin now at 5820 USD


bought 20k kes worth of this shit and iv made 3k overnight.

those who trade in it, do you see it getting to 6000 USD

how,guide or something

saidia link ya genuine site to buy. Scammers ni wengi sana all claiming to sell bitcoins

local bitcoins

then download a wallet called jaxx on playstore to store your coins

Sure $10k. But be sure itashuka when big volume holders start to plough back profits

im debating whether to go in big by putting 100k

Yeah you can, but I’d advice you do half half for speculation. Large volume holders are just waiting for a ceiling price then they sell causing the price to go down, not less than 4500$(floor price IMO) then with the other remaining 50k buy at its lower price for more coins. OR you can invest on CFD, that being youre not owning it but you are trading on its value. So incase you think bei itapanda you buy and sell if you think prices will drop just like in forex. That way its a win win.

very sound advice… cheers brother



Just like chart above, whoever bought it last month date 12th-13th roughly has made a gain of 162,000/-

iv also being following coinbase daily since you posted it on the other bitcoin thread

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how is the outlook?

Its doing well but its very erratic.

asante wacha i’ll check it

Kuna msee alikuwa ananiambia haitawai fika 5k. I was vindicated. I officially own 0.8 bitcoins. Anybody who would like to purchase from me tufanye biashara.
I am sure you all know me as a very genuine person.

Unauza how much? You willing to take 250k

How much


Si kubaya vile. Another trade closed and I am up a few more Bitcoin. Tuseme by the end of the month I will officially own 1 Bitcoin.
I am selling them at 1 Bitcoin - 615,000ksh @lawi and @kingsolomonn2016 via Mpesa.