Bitcoin is collapsing!

Kamenuka wazeiya wa kuHODL. This thing was at 60,000 USD just a month ago!


Another way of looking at it is that it’s the alt season starting. After the two main have galloped, it’s the turn of the other coins to move. Signals the mid of the bull run.

It’s heading for a dip. Somewhere in the 20s.

Starting?? Most alts have 10X’ed and 20X’ed since April last year.

The weekly chart looks really bad[ATTACH=full]364889[/ATTACH]
The bad news is that there is a high chance we test .618 fib at around 30K and the worst is that the price can still dip to the support at 11K. So tafuta entry then short the damn market

And the Tether scam has still not yet unraveled. Hiyo ndio itaua bull market roundi hii.

I hope it doesn’t, this tether crap has pumped bitcoin like crazy

Bitcoin is a scam like global warming

When Elon Musk bought in $1.5B at $43,000 ,Tesla made 1B profit in 2weeks!!![ATTACH=full]364903[/ATTACH]

I hope it drags the entire crypto market down with it for the next few months… I need to do some serious shopping and could use the discounted prices

Ata mimi nataka kujaza duffel bags banae:D:D

Hawa watu wanasema nini

kuropokwa ya Musk


Vipi hodler:D:D

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Huwa mnanunua coins ngapi, seeing one is over 4m Kshs

Musk is the real life Tony Starks

Time to invest

Polygon, my goodness!!! Lucky, I got a nice bag at $0.3…:slight_smile: