Bitcoin drop continues

It has has dropped to below USD 7,000 from an all time high of USD 20,000 in December 2017.

For those who invested how are you taking this drastic slump?.

How does BTC and the dollar compare or rather exchange?

Watu walinunua at 20K lazima wanalia kwa choo saa hii.

Hehe…mimi am very secure. I am earning crypto on a daily and reinvesting it back. The only way you can earn from bitcoin is trading it and that has been my biggest issue with it.

Trading is ok because you capitalize on price fluctuations. But if you bought in December in anticipation of prices hitting the roof, you must be feeling the butterflies.

@denis young will be at a position to respond to your query exhaustively.

Relief Rally? Or bull trap? We will find out soon.

Kuna maswali siwezi shindania nikijibu kila siku. That is something that can be easily researched on Google.

Pulled out my funds at 10k and I used profits to furnish my house and pimp my car. No regrets.

Website that your using to earning?

how did you buy? from , local

na the miners on this site which antiminer are you using

Through mpesa…I can sell btc to you.