bitcoin bubble

The last few days have been a crazy ride. It has gone up by $4000.

This growth is scary and has me thinking we will hit $20k by the end of the year easily.

I’m considering selling my stake and remaining with 100k incase the bubble bursts.

My QN to the crypto enthusiasts is do you see this thing collapsing anytime soon?

Only time will tell


This is solid!, it will stagnate though

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I dont understand blockchain deeply. That is why I stay off. I had 2 bitcoins when they were like 26k a unit in early 2016 for blackmarket deals. Alphabay went down anyway. Bottomline: I dont invest in stuff I dont understand. Real Estate and stocks work just fine for me.


Were they seized? You’d have about Kes. 3.2m now…

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Still early it might hit 100k or even more, reason for recent price rise is the Koreans pumping in billions of late, price correction will follow

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When I see bitcoin attracting all kinds of spammy ads, I just keep off.

Sell before January


Already dropped 2,500 dollars today. The bubble has burst.


Lol that’s nothing. It happens often. It will come back with a bang and hit $20k

No. I used them for black market deals.

This is a show of how volatile Bitcoin is but people ended up panicking and sell their coins fast. 20k looks are the goals for the end of the year.

I took the opportunity to buy because a dip like this was too good of a chance to miss out on…


hi bitcoin i still don’t understand , just heard a debate on BBC and am not sure of its stability.

Price going lower and lower, good time to buy

Today night , the big boys will start trading bitcoin futures . Them trading it won’t have much relevance directly to bitcoin but will help hype up the craze that now institutions are accepting bitcoin and i feel the price will go up and up until we get to the max 21 million coins , we are at 16 million coins mined now .

Me naona majority 70% of people who got in early into bitcoin were people who had something to do in the deep web , yangu i had 3 bitcoins remaining which i sold kitambo and transacted a total of 7 at the time , ningejua tu :frowning: . But i got 30k last week in change i had abandoned in my account in 2015 and forgot my alphabay details .

I have high hopes that Litecoin may win in the end.

alphabay was home !!! RIP DE SNAKE

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is it too late to buy now

When the market goes red after a massive dip buy and wait for the whales to raise the prices. But the goal of me owning one bitcoin is now harder guess So I’ll best invest slowly.

I’m so happy litecoin is moving upwards happy I bought 5 coins when it was cheap. If I could own 10 lite coins cause next year it’s going to soar.