Bitching scream for Help

travel, travel. It’d be a pity to die not having covered over half of this planet yet you have the money to do so.

Recommend some good getaways…within economic reason

As @imei2012 has suggested, mentoring.
Don’t take all that you have to the grave. Reach out and pass on the baton.

Visit a new place every weekend…esp friends,spend an after with them doing what you both like and have in common

Yes I mentor some. But am still bored. Help. One of my wildest dreams is to mount a parade of beautiful naked momos in a stadium at high noon. Any recommendation

I have three friends. I enjoy the first ten minutes we meet, the I start wishing I was home watching the big bang theory ama a Few good men

Try travelling and learning about the people of western kenya (I am guessing this is an area you have not traveled to alot). You can start with the Mt Elgon national park… can you do camping? You must be an avid reader; I deduce this from your hekaya prowess. You can link up with Riva he shows you some cool places you camp and read away the weekend. You will meet people like you there and open up a new exciting facet of your life


Get yourself an Ariel Nomad and enjoy some off-road action. That is if you are a petrolhead

Any lake in the rift valley, Hells gate, Ol donyo sabuk national park, …just anywhere where it’s just you and the nature. You can check online for the tourist circuits in Kenya and pick out the places that interest you and fit to your budget

calmly waiting for the advice and occasionally having a chuckle…

when did the definition of introvert change?

Humble brags everywhere,that wet dream doesn’t fit an introvert

Just pretend you have a month to live and do all the shit you’ve ever wished.

That’s why they are called wild dreams…keep dreaming.

Just out of curiosity why would mamaa be 500 klicks away? And you say recreational screwing is out? My oh my. Why? But I guess recreational climbing is as fun as the woman one is out with. At some point in a man’s life, it takes an interesting girl to make screwing worthwhile. And by interesting I mean, someone who is well schooled, or is getting well schooled. This rules out most online daters and plain working girls (pocos) of all sorts, both low and high end. Also a girl needs to be funny and entertaining. Also, many women these days are just mavi. They think they are nothing but a hole. All they want to do is drink, eat, surf online, take selfies, and get fucked. Nkt.

For you, I think you need to get with a girl who asks questions like, who are the Rohingya, and why are people talking about them? What did Duterte do of late? etc. A woman like that will probably not bore you much.

But to be frank, it does not sound like you are a real introvert. If you really are one, try running a farm if you are not doing it already…

Try writing fiction novels…
With your hekaya skills you’re halfway there… it will also give you room for the occasional Gilbeys ukifikiria kauongo.

exingencies of life man

You are used to hunting cows. Try a buffalo

Kuku si Pet (unless you are weird white kid), hehehe. Get a cat or dog or gold fish etc an animal that requires your time and care…

Am introverted like you, and I dont owe no one an apology. Live your life