Bitching scream for Help

This does not concern a friend or a neighbour. It concerns me. My Issue is that am bored to death…not today…just about one and a half years. I am an introvert…the worst kind. I hate any social gathering…one person to me is a crowd… Two or three strangers overwhelm me. I hate the outside and I only venture out for business or to swim.
I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t gamble, I don’t bar, I take no recreational stuff safe for the occasional Gilbeys…and that is when am about to lose my wits to boredom. And since last year, i cant have recreational climb.Mamaa lives 500km away. It means I have the freedom to do anything but I can’t do shit… I have the means and the wherewithal to do anything I jolly well please, but I am lost. Though I am answerable to no one, I can’t think of anything fun I haven’t done yet. I have even thought of going back to school…but to what end. Literally, besides making a buck here and there, and grateful to God for it, my life is so boring am borderline sociopathic.
Within reason, I can afford to do whatever I want with whomever I won’t. But am tethered by some unseen towline…what would you advice. Advise from Elders of repute only will be considered.

Wewe ni kama umefika mwisho wa mawazo.

Try this

That was option three and I ruled it out long ago. Am such a coward. Leta ingine

If you have plenty of free time why not try to compose music or try out painting. These two activities are good for eating up whole mornings and afternoons. Time just vanishes

Lots of people do not have hobbies. Other than sex, drinking and watching soccer you find that people have no other activities in life in Kenya.

Try find what you like doing…
@Meria Mata is a cheki maneno enthusiast
@Riva is a traveler and photographer
@introvert is an artist
@Jazzman saitan used to play guitar
@Mungai was an avid golfer…hehehe

You have the money,means and time. Use them wisely.

I’m more of you…I bitch alot…responsibly

Try a newline of business that you perceive to be too difficult for you. I chuckled at the use of the word ‘jolly’ it’s been eons since I saw it being used.

Do you like chess?

I play the guitar, golf is snobbish, cycling would wreak havoc in prostrate for my age, I couldnt draw to save my phallus and I travel at will. Done that

This is like asking if introverts love silence. I have done all in house games.

That’s a thought. But I am in a choir and I hate everyone in the group coz the men are too loud and the women I can’t climb

is this mabenda4 of the legendary hekaya rules and regulations?
si uende huduma center wakufungulie blog ya mahekaya?

Maybe go to China…alone …


Get a Pet it will help with the loneliness and get outdoors, go for a drive, go camping etc. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone to end the boredom.


I have two blogs bro…i haven’t posted in like a million years. Am a published author and I do motivational.

Mentor some youth team in whatever game you are good at mostly I get bored when am alone but when am with em youngins time flys

I had three chicken…mamaa ate the cock last week when she visited…the two hen are incubating…

Men this is lonely and miserable. Take long walks, it helps clear your mind and refresh your soul.

I have an acting group across the Channel…i write skits and short drama for them. I hate them all for being younger than me

Tried walking along the beach …when it’s not crowded, the beach boys are a menace, when it is crowded…well… I hate people