[SIZE=16px] A movement or policy in the USA that doubts or denies the current president is a natural-born U.S citizen, thus implying that he or she is ineligible to be a president.
[SIZE=16px]This slang has slowly creeped into the USA presidential debate.[/SIZE]

A former Clinton head of campaign, patti Solis Doyle denied what Trump had alleged, that she sent a team to Kenya and get to the bottom of the Obama’s birth certificate saga.

Although Doyle confirmed there was a rogue volunteer from Iowa she clearly stated the issue was to do with his religion not Birth place.

I expect a number of duck heads here to come up with similar rhetorics when we soon have a somali presidente

Note that I operationalized ‘when’ and not ‘if’

I remember in Haiti they subjected wycleff jean of the Fugees to such charades

Yeah, it was such a big deal, I found it not amusing at all… The dude is Haitian, just settled in the states due to circumstances, plus he networks with a lot of Carribean artistes

Shoot them duck heads with this.


You had your chance with Dida and you blew it. It will never happen now

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Same nonsense that is spewed by Japati adherents, “Raira will never be president.”

Ask them any policy matter that Jubilee champions that will make the lives of the average Kenyan better, same nonsense retort as aforementioned. :rolleyes:o_O


Tyranny of numbers…

Someone provide me with a link to download the debate, i was unable to wake up on time to catch it.

And when will that be even though I don’t stereotype people on ethnic basis?

Kumbe wewe ni msomali based in USA .interesting …haya go to your inbox and inbox my similar handle and come paste here that nakukatia na mimi ni shoga. I given you permission