Birth control pills and embolism

Women who use the Pill are four times more likely to form blood clots than those who have elected an alternative method of birth control, and the newer form of the Pill puts us at a higher risk than the products that were previously available to us. Many women are choosing the Pill anyway — it is still the most widely used form of birth control— mainly because the new and so-called improved version boasts a lesser likelihood of weight gain and chronic headaches. But compared to the first-generation pills, females who regularly take what is administered today actually have a 1.8 [I]greater [/I]chance of developing blood clots.
So, Let’s do the necessary and ask ‘those’ important questions, tusipatwe tumeenda na mbinguni express for something that could have been avoided…


The root of the blue cohosh plant is used as an effective natural birth control. Blue cohosh contains two uterine-contracting substances, one that mimics the hormone oxytocin, and the other a saponin called Caulosaponin

Preach girl, preach!

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Isn’t it sad that these things are still in the market yet they are harmful, who do we need to shout at for something you to be done

So it has oxytocin-like effects, not as a contraceptive?

has been used traditionally as a contraceptive studies prove so…has no side effects

What we need to do is know all this, and make sure our health care provider takes the necessary steps, like regular checkups… Shida ni, you can never know when an embolus will be thrown…

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I think it’s important to mention that it’s the estrogen component which causes blood clots. Progesterone based forms of birth control (specifically IUD’s) don’t put a woman at increased risk of thromboembolism. Progestin pills and injectables have a mixed picture.

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You could give us links to those studies… Always good to branch out ata ka ni into herbal medication…

Indeed… It’s why the combined contraceptive is seen to predispose women to embolism most commonly…

dont knw how to post links

Pinks, what do you use for birth control? Just curious…

Nothing! Mtoto ni wa Mungu na anakuja na sahani yake!


You must be having a football team then. :smiley:

Anything that interferes with the natural system of the body will always harm you .
That said , what other ways are there except condoms and the safe calender system ?

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safe days.

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Would’ve tried a non-hormonal iud but at times the string used to identify it in case you want it removed inaeza katika… So… Niliogopa… Hehe…

A friend of a friend went through that whole blood clot maneno like 3yrs back. No joke!

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That’s a tough one. Kiu is highest during unsafe days. :smiley:

True. That string is a pain…

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which string and wea do u put t?