"Birrioneas" wanalia

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I need your help. For 25 years I have lived in my house in South C, but recently some flats have been put up near us. There’s a building near me called Bilal House, Oluvimu Road, South C (See Photo). The owner of this building does not like being known. But his employee and the one who supervises his constructions is - Ismail Ahmed
0722 599232. Rude as hell. For some unknown reason, they are very disrespectful and refer to me as “kafiri.” (I think it’s got something to do with race.)
The occupants of that building constantly throw rubbish in my compound. Sometimes rubbish is thrown from the windows into my compound, including used condoms, trash and plastics. We have complained for years to the caretaker (Hussein Rashid 0738982608) but he takes no action. Yesterday he was summoned by police officers from Akila Police Station but he went up the building and refused to meet them. In fact he is rude and doesn’t care. The children from the flats (see photo) jump into my compound and destroy plants, flowers etc. They destroy private property as their parents watch. Today the same children threw a huge stone into my compound and destroyed the windshield of my car. I went to the building to complain but their parents denied that it was their children playing outside. Mark you - they are the same rowdy children who play there - everyday. I’m left with damages and my mechanic says it will cost me over 18k to fix the windshield. The caretaker who is supposed to control his herd from that building has failed to manage the playing situation of the children, and that above is his number. The parents have denied and the rowdy children continue to play as if nothing has happened.

Dang ! ! ! Hii Kenya banaa, this issue ought to be adressed once and for all. No body in this country should be subjected to such a state if helplessness.

Wueh! Neighbors from hell. And what is the ethnicity of this Ismail Ahmed? na uweke link mtu random.

They want her to sell the plot.

mi nifanywe hivo haki nitachoma hio building na hao ma ghaseer wote.

Hio kesi ni rahisi sana. Poison the little fucks and shida inakuondokea. Just a little to make them suffer ndio wapate adabu.

Kenya tuliamua kuabudu pesa, hawa ni refugees wanatuonyesha madharau kwetu.

Hii story ni kama nime wahi iona Klist


I would hire a professional ‘fixer’ who would make it seem like something illegal is happening in those apartments. Or I would do it myself.

Maybe get into the car of that Ismael Ahmed, hide some drugs and weapons then tip off the DCI anonymously.

Yesterday he was summoned by police officers from Akila Police Station but he went up the building and refused to meet them. In fact he is rude and doesn’t care.

Hiyo ni kazi bure. The owner of that building is either a big shot or knows some powerful people. Ukiona mpaka a mere caretaker anapea makarao middle finger anajua ako na Godfather.

Or organize a little ‘fire’ incident in the apartments.

ama tu atafute birrionaire mwingine amuuzie hio nyumba alafu the new owner aangushe gorofa mwenda pia hapo

You guys are overthinking. Hapo ni kutafuta tu vichwa za nguruwe unatupa huko ndani.

Hii ndio shida ya low IQ Bonobos at City Hall approving developments haphazardly.

Smells of these fucking Somalis that we have opened our borders to. If you don’t know, these bottom-feeders habe been allowed to buy property in most of Nairobi. Our greed will be our downfall.

Don’t say we. Sema Gerald Otieno Kajang.

The flats being built huko are many.everyday a new development.

I used to envy South C in the 90s.
Since 2005 I hadn’t gone there. Went back in 2018 and was shocked. Flats built in controlled development areas. The glory of that estate is gone.

Times are changing. Tafta msomali umuuzie, ubuy place ingine nje ya Nairobi. 25 years ni enough.