Birrioneas Wanalia Buana

50 x100? Niko na 40x80 huko I bought kitambo but they are sectioned. Kuna area strictly 100x100

Hakuna exclusivity huko kama ulibuy 40X80. Unataka kujenga flat ama?? Hiyo area ya OJ ni poa sana kujenga flats.

Area yangu hauwezi jenga flats

Pande ya Milimani ukielekea Police Station hauwezi jenga flats watu wameplan vizuri and if you have been to Syokimau area you’d get a feel. Ukiwa na 4 million unaweza pata land poa sana.
Hapo ndio nitajenga maisha ya flat isha nilemea…

Nice plan for your future. Unaona maisha ya flat ikikulemea when??

As soon as the economy stabilizes, naanza kujenga. Saa hii inamake sense kua liquid na kurent.

… I sold my flat and reinvested in biz after Google kunipiga stick moja major and fucked up my cash flow. I was almost going bankrupt… Smh

Pole sana. Stay liquid and hopefully hedge against KSH with some USD and Euros. Usijali life ya entrepreneur imejaa ups and downs.

Umeona nyumba sio investment? When shiet hits the fan you are forced to sell. What prevents you from selling again ukijenga nyumba personal halafu shiet strikes again?? I’m curious hebu nichanue. Wouldn’t investing in a cash flow generating asset be smarter instead of building a house?

Kumbe matajiri hulia pia

Hii ni bhangi gani umevuta? Dunia gani $1000 ilikuwa 80K?

I’m already in touch with Thika Greens. They’re now in phase 3 and I’m trying to out together some cash for a piece.

People really underestimate the value of having a primary residence especially among people who share the same viewpoints on keeping an estate tidy, serene, and attractive. You also know that the place will never be a slum.

Ukishika plot Kitengela ujenge mansion hauwezi jua Kama the next nincompoop atajenga flats, hardware ama kibanda ya chapo. It’s better to pay a premium while acquiring the land as long as it maintains the same atmosphere that made you invest.

6M sounds expensive hapo Thika Greens but long term, it’s really cheap. That 2M Kitengela sounds like great value short term lakini long term utakuwa unapitia base ya chang’aa

That house was never an investment to begin with. Ni vile tu niliangukia na nilikua na pesa and it was too good a deal to pass up.

A substantial amount went towards stabilizing the business and it’s paying off. I also have other solid income streams online hata kama hazileti pesa nyingi I’m confident I’ll be hitting decent figures by end of the year…
The way I have rebuilt polepole, only WW3 can fuck me up again niuze nyumba…

A fixed abode mahali ya ku weka my kienyeji muhimu sana

People underestimate the value of having a primary residence where you can just retreat to when everything goes to shit.
After hustling hard the whole day, a comfortable house in a serene environment pays the ultimate dividends. You can even customize it and have a sauna stress yote inaisha. The following day you wake up and go back to the hustle. Rinse repeat.

Fun fact… Hio barabara ya Thika Greens ukipanda nayo for about 12 km unajipata kwetu gichagi… It’s really amusing to see people buy 1/4 acre at 8 million plots ushago kwetu.

Fiti. If you have diverse income streams that can’t be fxcked up, then it makes perfect sense for you to build that house. Nimeelewa sasa.


You lucky bastard! You should thank people like us who are increasing the value of your ancestral land. Very soon your parents will be selling your land at 200M.

One thing you should know is that for people like us, 8M ni like $60,000. To be frank, I’ll just take $30k from my account Alafu borrow $30k from my 401k and pay the interest to myself.

In the grand scheme of things, that $60k is my annual bonus so it’s really not a big deal. I’m happy to invest in your ancestral land as your brother from Nyeri.

How exactly have you google-proofed your online business?? Mimi nilisoma mambo ya affiliate marketing hapa tuu kenyatalk and lucked out with some lifetime revshare deals. I caught one whale na amenijenga sana since November.

Hakuna pesa tamu kama ya revshare deals banae. Nakaa bila kulift a finger napata hundreds of USD zimeingia. You only do the work upfront so if google, facebook, etc decide to make changes, you retain your initial clients.

Gated (read hated) communities are always controlled development areas!

I thought you should know

what are you developing in a gated community? huna ruhusa ata ya kufuga kuku, wacha ya ku “develop.” kuna tofauti kubwa sana

I agree. A house is not a lucrative investment from a financial standpoint. But it is a very good asset that pays psychological dividends by bringing some comfort and stability in life. For example, it would be better to take care of your aging parents wakikuja jiji maybe for hospital related issues kama uko na mansion yako mahali safe and controlled. Pia kulea watoto ukiwa na mansion yako ni very nice juu utakuwa unajua sasa unatafuta pesa ya fees na chakula pekee.