Birrioneas Wanalia Buana

Wanapipinywa makeii na service charges.

Apparently, Runda residents are someone’s cash cow.

Hakuna pesa in real estate… Pesa iko kwa service charges na social amenities…

People who enjoy real estate money… Ni landlords with NO LOAN…

And CIVIL SERVANTS who’ve built rentals using corruption moneys…

Sh 30,000 service charge x 1,200 homes = 36,000,000 per month eaten by the officials. That is why hao officials wamekwama kwa viti and dont want elections.

Rent in a gated community, Buy in a Controlled Development Area

@Azor Ahai, I just discovered Thika Greens (obviously late to the party). Do you think it’s a nice place to have a primary residence? Looks like the new Karen without the congestion.

Umelipwa ngapi wewe malaya

Piga mtu

@Mangele, @Swansea , @Simiyu22 , @kipuke , @Finest wine … having you been paying water bills for over $1,000 per month in your respective areas of residence ?
Mzee @Abba , ulikuwa uanalipa how much

My water bill has not changed.

What the hell.

BTW my water bill floats between $70 and $89 monthly.
Even with watering my yard.

I can’t wrap my mind around paying $ 1,000 for water

80k maji? Wueh

We know wewe ni D…Mungai

Karibu kwa.billionares come utulie uwachabe na kelele za Ghetto na slums

Nope that is too high…we pay about £50 a month. However, there are other crazier bills in the UK…council tax, service charge, gas/elec, congestion charge etc…na tusiongelee cost of living saa hii…
[SIZE=1]p/s sijui thread inaongelea nini…blocked the all knowing trolling OP zamo…[/SIZE]

Now, this needs a real water bill my fren… :D:D:D

Iko on point

Even with all that Greenery, ksh 80,000 hapana