Birrioneas Mko Wapi

Kenyatalk has 46k+ members. Everyone here except me is a self-confessed birrionea who doesn’t drive a TOYota :smiley: and never cares about “fuel consumption” when buying a car. If there are only 6800 USD millionaires in Nairobi, mko wapi??


source ni New World Wealth. Ushai waona wapi wakihesabu watu? New World Wealth ni blog ya mtu[ATTACH=full]301584[/ATTACH]

So we have 55 dollar billionaires in Nairobi? Okay

So in Black Africa Nairobi is number two richest city?

That sounds like reality. A dollar billionaire ni watu wa kuhesabikia moja moja,we are talking about a networth of a hundred billion Kenya shillings. Sio wengi wanachezea iyo ligi

In fact to me that’s a huge number… Hao nashuku ni konyagi na familia yao

Mombasa iko na 9 dollar billionaires, am surprised

The brown butt need to be hammered
@Azor Ahai

Our billions aren’t clean money son,thats why we spread them in property and relatives names ,don’t expect it to be formal in Forbes and other small boys magazines

you would think Angolan and DRC cities would be on top. pia hio $1m and $10m plus show most kenyans are living a lie.

55 are too many in number.

$1 billion = kshs. 100 billion. That is a shitload of cash.

Mnatoa wapi figures za $1 billion?? That chart only shows the number of people worth over $1 million and $10 million. Hiyo “55” ni the total of Nairobi i.e GDP in billions of USD. Sio 55 USD billionaires.

i am a birrionea

Si hio column ya kwanza ni dollar billionaires, halafu inafwatwa na millionaires with more than $1 million and last is multi-millionaires with $10 million and above… but I stand advised.

I thought so

$1million isn’t small change either.

True. Which is why I wondered loudly where Sonko got $5 million to spend on land as if its njugu karanga. Jamaa si ana pesa… [SIZE=1]za wizi?[/SIZE]

brown skin chieth haelewi Kenyan birrionaires are not friends with the taxman. The only way utajua ni birrionaire is when you visit their home or roll with them for a day. Lakini kijana mdogo wa roysambu, lazima ufungue mdomo kupayuka kama akili bado imelala? :D:D:D

@Azor Ahai claimed here one day to have bought for his brother in cash a parcel of land adjacent to to his county headquarters for 375 million. He later went on to ask for advice on setting up a mtumba business stall in Nairobi on another thread. You cant make this stuff up :D:D:D