Birrioneas chungeni hizi Prado

Absolutely, these are cars with body of an SUV but handling of a sports hatchback

Sijui nianze wapi. But let me try. Lakini this would require an entire semester of statistics to prove with the following variables;

  1. Access to the vehicles. Prado budget isn’t the same as Disco / Pajero or even the close Fortuner cousin. So if 10% of drivers are idiots, there will be more idiot drivers in a Prado as compared to the rest.
  2. Cheaper access in point 1 above results in cheaper cost cutting tricks. Mods, off road tyres on a car driven 95% on tarmac etc etc… Also a driver / owner issue.
  3. They are a lighter vehicle, but most are grossly underpowered, so they lag in acceleration. So most drivers DON’T WANT to slow down. That’s gross incompetence in compensation attempt.

So if your arguement is how come the Discovery doesn’t allow idiot drivers to end up in a ditch, then I beg to stop reasoning with you.

Hapo kwa Volkswagen ndio nataka kujua. Ati ni equivalent ya Toyota? How

a bad worker blames his/her tools.
I’ve had a retreaded tube tire blowout on a 504 and the vehicle didn’t even roll.

VW, Audi na Porsche ziko same WhatsApp group hata R&D inafanywa pamoja marketing ndio tofauti. Of the three, huko mayolo VW ndio ya machokosh.

  1. Same year Prados and Discoveries cost more or less the same. You could get a 2016 Prado from Japan with Ksh 6m right now and so could you a Disco.
    Looking locally as well, the J120 and Disco 3 cost similar amounts between 1-2.5 million depending on features and condition. Prado J90/95 and Disco 2 as well. That renders your point moot.

  2. You say the Prado is light? And underpowered? Making it unsuitable for the highway compared to, say, a BMW X5, correct? Aren’t you proving my point for me? That it’s about the car. If it were heavier and more powerful, would we still be hearing of these accidents?

Then again, have you driven a Pajero? Especially the Gen 4. The on road stability of that vehicle is head and shoulders above the J150. It’s really planted at speed. Less yaw while cornering.

What exactly is your point?

Ango, za UK na Ausie zina nini hufanya zisianguke?

The one I was addressing will understand.

Specifications. They are better specced than Japanese models hence Kuna uwezekano uoate some advanced safety features lacking on the Japanese but available on the ex UK.

Which one is the Land Rover TDI?

Defender 110, 200 tdi, turbocharged among many other tdisimages.jpeg

Downloaded image.

Lakini wewe shifo ni mtu fakin. Angalau paraphrase or quote the source of your content here. Wewe una post kazi ya wenyewe word for word bana.

This is turning out to be like that debate of iPhone vs Samsung (android). What I know is ukiendesha gari kwa adabu na ulitunze vizuri, you’ll have the best accident-free experience of your life, bar none.

The problem with many Kenyan drivers (specifically Prado, Probox, Matatus, buses and ‘tududus’) is road discipline. Unakutana na mtu ya prado anashuka Kinungi amelalia upande wa climbing lane, halafu anakuwashia taa eti umpishe. How will an accident be avoided especially akipatana na vichwa ngumu wenzake Probox, Mololine au bus imeamua kupanda kupanda?

Yeah. Audi is their answer to merc and beemer. VW targets toyota matket

I hate body on ladder

It has several advantages over monocoque especially if you are a real offroad buff but kama wewe ni msee unapenda tuu SUVs for the looks rather than function, monocoque is for you.

Not entirely accurate. Some cars are better equipped than others to handle situations like these on the road. Ever heard of ESC? You could push boundaries in terms of handling while still being reasonably safe.

TZG haijawahinisumbua.