Birrioneas chungeni hizi Prado

Niliwaambia hizi Prado si nzuri. Hii karibu iturambe jana. A small tyre burst on the front right wheel sent the highly hyped car in the air. After performing some somersaults, it landed on its back. God is good nobody was seriously injured. Prados are overrated especially hizi mnaokota japan as second hand. Am told the best models are from Australia.

Gari ni Volkswagen

Mercedes is better for us birrioneas

The tow hitch suggests an ex-UK or ex-Australia model. Only a fool trying to test the limits of physics can roll such a Prado. Za Japan ndio najua kuroll ni rahisi.

Shida ya Prado ni the drivers. Not the vehicles.


Bulky fugly contraptions.

Wakenya wanapenda gari kubwa nono

Hilux D4D 3000 is my dream gari.
Forgive the Kikuyu blood in me lakini lazima tubebe gunia ya makaa tukienda gicagi.

Msedes ni shida tupu.

VW is the German’s equivalent of Toyota. Built to last

with top spec being the Kakadu Prado.

moto sana with all the equipment, bells and whistles you expect from a top tier 4x4

My best models are legendary Landcruiser j70 & Land rover TDI.

If anyone wants a SUV that he can drive like a maniac, get the BMW X5 or X6, Mercedes M class or G class, Vw touareg, Audi Q7 et al. Basically go European where monocoque chassis design is the language. If ladder on frame is what you desperately need, go for the Discovery 3 or 4 else tembea kwa mwendo wa vinyonga wenzako.

I keep saying this!

Ongezea r.r sport new generation gari Moto kama pasi. Ukipeleka ni kama gari ndogo na haitetemeki.

It’s the car. You don’t hear Pajeros, Land Rover Discoveries or even Fortuners do these gymnastics in such numbers. Prados aren’t the only SUVs around but they are notorious for pulling these stunts.

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Scientists concluded Prado center of gravity destabilizes very easily

Wakenya wengi hawajui hii science. Kuna time nilikuwa nakimbizana na Subaru in my CRV…huyo jamaa aliniwachia kwa corner. You can literally feel the centrifugal force

For Kenyan market I think the tropicalized VXL from Toyota Kenya or S.A with KDSS is the crème de la crème