Lets stop misusing the word “birrionea”.

Real birrioneas are in Dubai/Monaco/Monte Carlo in a super yatch with biachez balling like crazy eating golden steaks aka Tomahawks. Tujikubali wadau :smiley:

There are modest billionaires like yours truly who prefer living a low key life without splashing the shillings around.

Where is your private jet?

In the fûcking hangar

Jikubali gathee. There are levels to this game buana.

I am real for sure for shizzle bruh!

You are just the tallest dwarf bruv. You can flex on broke boiz here.

We have houses in Nyari and others in Nyali na doktari alisema tusikule steak ama kutembea kwa maji

Why would someone need a private jet in Kenya. To fly who where? The country is too small. Majority of its activities is limited to one town.

Kwa lexicon.
Birronaire /bɪljəˈnɛː/
a person earning a monthly salary which is more than 30k

Peasant thinking. Birrioneas think global, not local. African birrioneas have private jets because they have business operations in multiple countries but you wouldn’t know that, would you? Heck, even Humphrey Kariuki has a private jet which he uses to travel around the world.


Okay… That is true since you mean 30k GBP! Yaani over 4m per month…!

Dolla billionaire wa East Africa are not global. Has nothing to do with peasant thinking.

Nyasore Nyahai

:smiley: Huyo kijana throws the world million to billion carelessly, he suffers from delusion of grandeur?