Birrionea Abisai

Jamaa wins 221M jackpot. Finds the love of his life immediately who locks him down hard with two kids :D:D

I wonder what the MGTOW brigade have to say.


His goose is cooked. As-salamu alaykum brother

Words fail me… Natetemeka for the boyshaud ata magoti kwisa nguvu

Acha afunzwe adabu. Niliona hii kunguru ikisema ati, “i didnt know he was a millionaire until 3 months after we started dating”

Pwegegegege…just how convinient :smiley:

to the ghel


Hunter vs hunted. Hizi streets are full of women hunting down rich bachelors, because rich bachelors are extremely rare. Imagine the entire dating pool of single women including single mothers, that are all looking for that rich single man. I actually think you would have to be extremely principled or low-key ga.y to dodge that trap.

The onli problem with this approach is that in kenya the law allows polygamy under traditional marriage. Sonko mwenyewe openly cheats on his wife na hakuna kwenye anaeza mpeleka.

Too blue-pilled. From those sentiments, I can easily tell that she’s charading! The kind of shock he’ll get when their union becomes upended, his heart and joystick will get earthquaked in equal measure, and before he convalesces, he will be defenestrated like Shame well Wanijiru.
He must declare himuselefu bankrupt and scarper away into the Congo rainfrorest like he’s the last man on Earth.

ukiwa birionea tulisema kama ni kufuga bibi fuga KITU SWAFI YENYE TABIA , SI KITU SURA KIATU, YENYE TABIA. hio kitu yake haifikishi bare minimums ya birionea

Saa zingine these ghels use witchcraft…Nairobi sii kurahisi. Uchawi ni kama scopolamine, it takes away your will power and you make irrational decisions

The usual culprits, majamaa wa wivu na kamati ya roho chafu. Let the negro live his life as he sees fit. I am sure akiwekelea hio bet hamukua hapo and if a man is lucky enough to predict correctly over 17 games, i am sure he can be smart enough to spot a quality woman. Wengine wenu hapa kama @uwesMEFFI hawawezi ata predict ata game moja ya arsenal ni maswara tu maghasia hizi.

Brownskin ulikuwa unataka akununulie pilsner na smokie


huyu dem anakaa shiny eyes

Haha kwani what else would he be waiting for? The guy has the power of intuition, maybe. Ukifika 30 unafaa kuoa hio ingine no upuzi. Na it won’t matter if you are millionaire or not!

Mapenzi haijui kabila.

The brother is better off married with kids, living a simple life. If this nigga tried kujifanya baller, wasichana wangemkamua vilivyo ikuwe another riches to rags story like that stupid TPF guy. Besides, the guy is 30, it was time for that.

Well done Abisai. But unaishi na pretender ajaab, she knew you are a millionaire from the word go. Lucky you hukai kusota soon, ungeona maajabu.

Leta betslip ya weekendi masta niomoke pia

Vile liverpool imechoma slip za watu jana, acha kwanza tukule lunch tupate nguvu ya kuangalia europa:D:D:D

Heyraz kila mahali huku. I watched his interview with Churchill and this guy has a good head on his shoulders along with a sensible father figure. Alafu pia in Kenya once you have a certain amount of money you are above the law, wacha tu tuseme ukweli. Abisai can now even kill someone and get away with it.