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Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) detectives have identified wealthy individuals and companies that owe it an estimated Sh250 billion in what promises to be the biggest crackdown on high net-worth persons.
The taxman’s intelligence and strategic operations, which has a team of about 100 investigators, has in recent months been investigating rich people’s sources of income and their expenditure against their tax remittances.
It has also been analysing companies’ financial dealings, especially firms doing business with the government and counties, to unearth tax cheats through matching their payments and income declared to KRA.
Githii Mburu, the KRA Commissioner-General, told Parliament last week that the surveillance of the rich and companies has revealed the potential to collect Sh250 billion that remains unremitted to the taxman.
“We already have established and it is in our record (the Sh250 billion). Whenever we profile a company or an individual taxpayer, we look at what they are earning, their sources of income and everything else vis-a-vis what they have declared,” Mr Mburu told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Hot air

Don’t be too quick to dismiss.

Hizo Ni kampu za akina Patel

Interesting times…

wahindi na walalo walipe tax

250 billion…
Hehe…the MPS who have not been paying taxes on their salaries will see fire if this comes to be fully implemented.

Even if their salaries are not taxed, at the end of the day their investments and returns should be milked just like the rest of us. Kuna Mkisii juzi (a legislator) had done business with government and declared nil tax returns…and the tender was for 1 billion. Mtu kama hiyo si ni kubebwa atabebwa na lorry KRA wakikuja?

Yeap , going for the moneyed in Kenya is a Herculean task. Let’s take the case of Humphrey Kariuki and Keroche industry , how long will there cases take, keeping in mind whomever loses in the first verdict will appeal.
Hio ksh250b ku-recover sio mchezo.

lets hope wasifinye sisi ma ordinary wanyoroshe hao politicians kwanza

Kuna jamaa alikua contractor were safaricom when they were installing thier boosters jamaa alinukisha kitunguu alafu baadye company ikaanguka… He was paying large amount in taxes. Juzi he got a call asking why hisv company hasn’t bn paying taxes? Nikubaya.

Unatubeba does non existing company with evidence to prove PAY taxes?unless he was still operating

Keroche si alikubali kulipa?

The company iko na mpaka premises ziko but hakuna biashara inaendelea uko… the owner uses the place as personal office.

Personal office to do what?

He hopes to one day revive the biashara but for now he manages his godowns from that place he has 2 employees… The godowns are under a different company name which is tax complaint. He goes there to chill just to get out of the house.

Niaje Dry Fry artist?

Niaje Mungich

Poa sana…nimewacha budako kwa stage amefika ama?

Ilifaa nikutusi asubui lakini hiyo thread sijaipata. hebu nipe link ulisema uko addicted to soem Mungich TV station

:D:D:D:D… io show nikama ibada i like seeing long lost families members returning to thier families…
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