Birrionaire trampled to death

Laikipia rancher Gilfred Powys was Wednesday trampled to death by an elephant in news that has shocked residents and ranchers in the region. The owner of Suyian ranch in Laikipia North was patrolling the ranch when he was attacked by the animal. According to workers at the ranch, he was going through normal patrols at around 2pm when the animal attacked him. They said that they heard a commotion in one of the bushes and when they went to check what was happening is when they found the rancher lying dead.

Billionaire shouldn’t be wandering in wilderness without guards,huyo ni stingy,now he has parted with his wealth.

He met the real natural owner of the land.

That said sorry to his family for the lose.

Unatafutwa na @coldpilsner kwa thread yako,jibu swali?

Wapi @Maraika firth

Huyo I ignored him since 1779, I even forgot he exists. Let ghosts stay in the shadows forever. Absolutely zero value to my life.

Ni umama umejaza kwa kichwa huwezi face arguments

Musikoma nambale road itawapatia aibu,the contractor should be shot on sight,lami inabomoka na bado haijaisha,huyu oria should be chased like nani when he visits bungoma ama namna gani @Mundu Mulosi ?

Poleni sana. I hope he left a will, because Lempurkel!

Chuki yako na woria itakumaliza

A good waria is a dead waria

Jinga hii

Sina chuki na oria ,my sister in-law ni mulunje from mumias, I’ve got to best friends one from garisa another from mandera both orias

Which clans in Garissa …and mandera?

Must have been an angry male bull looking to mate na imekosa. Kama hii hapa.
The mjulubeng dripping and it had trampled 2 white people barely a day before.

Never been to North Eastern but one noor and another salat

Best friends na hata hujui clans zao? Stick to paying fees wewe

birionea aliona yeye ni superman anaenda kuongea na Ndovu , ngombe yeye

Ur absolutely right,… a solitude male elephant is a very very very hostile and enraged animal.
Chances are that it may have been chased away from the family herd after a fight it lost or its looking for a female to mate,… either way its one dangerous beast it goes on a rampage destroying anything on its way,… including killing a person.

Sio kila mtu mkabila kama wewe.