Birrion Shirring Investment-Hii Sio Biashara Ya Shilingi Mbili

Naona Caro Mattercore akisema ni 7000 square feet. Na yote iko packed. Na kuna warehouse mahali pia imehold stock. Una-imagine kama item ya kifala kama electric drill inacost tuseme 10k…na kuna thousands of items. Huyu muchamaa amemwaga tens of birrions hapa. Of course inaeza kuwa loans, equity capital and such, but bottom line is pesa imemwagwa. I’m not sure about the location though…obviously they’ll market to contractors and offer terms such as free delivery…but still, I find that location to be a little elitist. Mimi, pasonare, ningeweka hii kitu hapa Roysambu, mahali mkulima wa mapato ya chini anaeza access na pia birrionaires wa Karen, Runda and such. Just my opinion, otherwise acha nitosheke na 9k salo yangu niachie wanaume wachape kazi.

The concept is really nice though, and long overdue. A dedicated store for the construction industry and DIY enthusiasts. Hii imeweza.

Watu wa home depot akina @Kahuni Maisha .tumesongasonga pia

Naona tunasonga mbele.

Niliona booklet yao I was impressed,but it seems kila kitu ni imports

Wazi hapa. For those of us who fix things from time to time.

Wainvest kwa security poa sana. [SIZE=1]Kenyans are naturally thieves[/SIZE]

So it’s like Home Depot? Nice!

I hope they won’t be too expensive though … and I hope they stock up on EVERYTHING. I’ve been looking for an affordable push reel mower for the longest time.

Wanaeza fungua branch Roysambu biashara ikiwa mzuri.

Purple hamjatuwacha Sana

@The.Black.Templar unaniangusha haujasample uku

Great idea

I think Kenya should also have a full disclosure law for people to disclose when they’ve been paid for a “review”. So she wants us to believe ati because of a facebook post, she just innocently decided to stroll over to the Waterfront and was as she says “illegally” snuck in to review the place? Grow up and say I’ve been paid a few peanuts (or maybe a lot as I heard she doesn’t come cheap) because my subscriber demographics fit their target market.

Home Depot vs Lowes

A tour at home depot

At tour at lowes

Store huwa, if you know what you need, go to home depot, the walmart thing.
If you want greetings, escort around the store, top notch customer service, enda Lowes, Target things.

@Kahuni Maisha na Baltimore hii hapa iko? Greatest opening scene for a season in TV History.

Kenya kila kitu ni expensive Mimi I normally import my stuff from murika. Na Nina ambia seller ikuwe FDA approved hapana tambua KEBS chieth

Very nice. I anticipate an inventory problem for them. How low are their storage costs? Last time I tried leasing a warehouse the price was shocking and the location was very far from operations but I am a peasant. A warehouse in Karen would cost a kidney a day.

Lowes policy on shoplifters, don’t try to stop or block them, hata kama mtu ametoka na fridge ya $3,000, you just let them go.
Lowes won’t even call police on you, they will just ban you from their stores’s-after-pursuing-shoplifting-suspect

[SIZE=7]Woman fired from Lowe’s after pursuing shoplifting suspect[/SIZE]

Submitted by Sarah Bennett on Fri, 10/11/2013 - 4:43am
[li]Local News[/li][/ul]
Free content:
End of 18-year employment attributed to safety policy violation
Sarah Bennett
Karen Sizemore worked at the Lowe’s in Elizabethtown for nearly 18 years when she pursued a shoplifting suspect last week as he fled the home improvement store with a $579 Dewalt tool kit.
As Sizemore attempted to recover the item, the man slammed his car door on her arm.
A week later, as she continued to bear a long yellow-and-purple bruise on her arm, the 55-year-old was fired.
“(The assistant manager) said that I had put other associates in danger, myself in danger, and that they would have to terminate me,” Sizemore recalled Wednesday.

Hapo lazima nifike kuangalia equipments za nyumba. I hope they’re affordable.

Small-scale hardware shops wataona moto…

Mos mos tu…

@Kahuni Maisha, hio ni standard safety procedure. Never chase fleeing felons.
The Fridge is insured italipiwa tu. Lakini sasa wewe ukichase fleeing felons, you are opening a can of danger to yourself and to everyone else around you. Hio ni kazi ya police, hopefully they’ve been well trained to handle that.