BIOS Issue with new Laptop models

I have noticed that majority of new laptop models have problem with BIOS, in common scenarios the Screen goes blank.Even connecting via hdmi/VGA wont help to display. Those with BIOS programming knowledge are making kill on ths. To avoid the mistake forget about laptop sleep-mode/hibernation

…ulipata certificate yako ya packages wapi? Nairobi Aviation?




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Update the bios, problem solved…

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kama ulisoma uko tupe hekaya.

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Ona hakuna msee alikwambia ununue HP laptop, so hatuna hizo mashida

enyewe kama haujui kitu ni poa kunyamaza

own goal!

Kwani how many laptops are you testing in order to conclude that the problem affrcts all new models?

Mention the make and exact model here and you might find help.

hiyo issue iko mostly kwa HP new models

If all the new HP laptop models had BIOS problem as you are implying then I can tell you with 100% certainty that it would be headline news in most western news channels since consumers would have pressurized HP into recalling those laptops and to fix their BIOS. But since there is no word about it then the BIOS issue is not as big as you are implying if it is truly a BIOS issue.

This is pretty simple - you my friend are not yet up-to speed, not bad but you need to run faster.
Now, please look up UEFI then take your time on how you go about this whole BIOS business.

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