Bio Power $600 million 144 MW GASIFICATION POWER PLANT in Kakamega County

Green3Power International and Togo Technologies are well into process of developing a 144 MW, 4,800 tonnes/day (Tpd) Gasification Facility in Kakamega, Kenya. The Gasification Facility will receive approximately 4,800 Tpd of municipal solid waste, hazardous medical waste, industrial waste as well as approximately 10 tonnes/day of used tires, and generate a nameplate capacity of more than 144 MW, with available power of 120 MW, and a minimum average of 108 MW to the Grid 24 hrs/day, 365 days/yr. The Gasification Facility includes a Sorting Facility to remove recyclables and heavy metals, an in-line jacketed Waste Dryer, a Gasifier, a Cyclone to remove particulate matter from the synthesis gas, a Slagging Unit, a high efficiency, a high temperature and high pressure HRSG Boiler, a four-stage Steam Turbine/Generator, and a highly effective flue gas treatment system. When in full operation, the new ~ $600 million power plant will deliver an average of 120 MW of electrical energy to the Grid, while earning revenues of more than $260 million annually. The power plant will feature an effective flue gas clean up train to ensure that regulated emissions are far below the concentrations allowed under both Kenyan and U.S. Federal air quality standards. The fluidized bed gasifiers to be used at the new facility are of the type shown above and have been in waste to energy service for more than 33 years.
The waste is sorted to remove recyclables such as metal and glass to be sold to recycling companies, as well as unacceptable waste such as e-waste, dirt, and rocks. Acceptable materials are fed through a shredder to reduce the particle size prior to entering the dryers which reduce the water content.
From the dryer, waste is fed into the Rotary Kiln Gasifiers which convert the solid waste into synthesis gas and ash at a temperature of 1,000 deg. C. The Synthesis gas is combusted in a reducing environment to prevent NO2 formation, and then processed through an HRSG Boiler to produce high temperature and pressure steam. The Steam is fed to a high efficiency steam turbine to generate clean, green, renewable electric energy. The flue gas is processed through a Cyclone to remove particulate matter, an Acid Gas Removal Unit to remove HCl, H2S, and HNO3, an Electrostatic Precipitator to remove sub 2.5-micron particulate matter, a Bag House with carbon injection to remove particulate matter, heavy metals, and organics, and is then discharged out the stack at a temperature of 140 deg C, which prevents condensation. Therefore, there is nothing visibly discharged from the stack. The constituent concentrations in the stack are more than 1,000 times lower than EU and USEPA Air Quality Standards, some of the most stringent in the world. The project includes the collection of waste. A total of 267 compaction trucks and 10 crane trucks will operate 7 days per week to collect and transport waste to the sorting facility.
The project includes the purchase of 8,638 1.1 liter bins, 1,728 3.0 cu m bins, and 1,152 5.0 cu m bins. The trucks and supervision vehicles will be fitted with GPS and communication systems to track the progress of the collection vehicles at all times during the collection and transport process. In addition, 300 mobile street sweepers will be employed to sweep and clean the streets in Kakamega and the surrounding areas. When in full operation the power plant will directly employ approximately 2,350 people and indirectly create another 4,000 jobs. It also plays a crucial role in the USD $2 billion Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) as the main source of power and proper waste disposal.
USD $2 billion Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC)
The Green3Power Gasification facility is an important component of the overall MMTC facility and community, providing much needed waste service, and power.

MMTC is the largest single private development in Kenya and includes the 144 MW Gasification Power Plant, a 5,000 bed hospital with 8,000 staff treating 12,000 patients per day, two world class shopping malls, a 1,500 room 5-star golf resort, an airstrip, and over 4,000 new homes. As of July 2016, over 90,000 square feet of upscale residential homes and apartments have been constructed, furnished and occupied. Hamptons Mall, a multi-billion shilling residential and shopping complex and the first of the 2 shopping malls at MMTC, (see photo below or read more at is complete and fully occupied. A strong international community has made Hamptons Mall its home, including the UK based Barclays Bank, the American restaurant Hamptons Café, known for upscale service, and Mwal-mart, a supermarket stocked full with thousands of American brand-name products. Additionally, the foundations of the 1,500 room 5-star golf resort and 5,000 bed hospital are fully underway; with the construction sites operating into the night with the aid of over 600 hundred solar and grid based lights transforming night into day.

Can the good people of Kakamega confirm this mega project please.


Damn!! I even feel so envious of the Kakamega people. Enyewe these are the few good fruits of devolution.

I like that it is actual work that is being done and some has been done and not just a bunch of proposals that may come to fruition

Oparanya is one of the few ODM governors who has tried, na sisemi hivo juu ya sycophancy.

i have been to this guys place he is called mwale, all this shit is going down for real, tho the power plant haijaanzwa kujengwa but the i dnt knw 33 floor, 5000 bed capacity hospital and cancer center foundation is already laid, the hotel and supper market too are operational. The hotel is doing fine since lots and lots of wazungu are always here but not soo much can be said of the supper market since iko interior kidogo but strangely vitu zikioza pale zinakua tu restocked mi hushanga.
one thing i should make clear is that this is not oparanyas doing, he has no hand in this at all despite it being in butere.
1acre ya shamba apo kando yaa hii project is already at 5 million

He is also mature in his behaviour and thought. Remember he even said he has no time to insult UhuRuto like the rest since he worked well with them in grand coalition government and it helps no one if he did. I support anyone who does well to develop the country and uplift peoples lives.

5 mirrions ni pesa kidogo for a one acre piece of land in this action(huge hospital, mall, hotel, industry) etc. Ukiweka rentals zako za ku-house all this staff at an affordable price I bet you can be a very rich man. Maybe kina @Abba wanaweza Anza kuinvest hapa mapema before this blows up.

“Hospital has 8,000 staff treating 12,000 patients per day, two world class shopping malls, a 1,500 room 5-star golf resort, an airstrip, and over 4,000 new homes”

Ebu niulize and I might sound ignorant but who works in these plants and mega hospitals outside capital coty limits. Is the Labour AND skills sufficient?

Why I’m asking is because I’d like to move to a remote place, buy a large piece of land build a bungalow and settle and build a good career anywhere than NAIROBI.

Once infrastructure is in place to support lifestyles that people are accustomed to, people are always willing to move.

Plus I mean in Kenya the number of skilled but unemployed people is all too high for them to miss qualified professionals will to move for a paycheck


yeaah… bt its barely a year and a half when an acre was 300k apo mahali

Lol…are you serious. Now I see why this project was set up in the middle of nowhere. Affordable costs of land acquisition.

its in the middle of nowhere my friend… going there you simply follow some dusty murram road then all over a sudden you see this small city, with cabro paved walk ways and tarmac.

These are the people with vision, go to a remote place and build a city as critics go full blast. When it becomes successful and 1000’s of people have benefited, the same critics will now say it was there idea.

This is the jamaas’ house… you will be forgiven to say its white house

You have to start somewhere I guess