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I believe Somalia are the most resilient people on Earth. This belief was further confirmed by a thread by the title ‘Chamwada’s report on Mogadishu’ or something close to that. Actually, I admire these skinny fellas, because of two thing - their resilience and business acumen (their tax evasion tactics not withstanding of course). Nobody in Africa comes close to them when it comes to their business ways.

But just look at what has just happened in their capital city this evening. Peace is Haram to them. Pthooo![ATTACH=full]227392[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]227395[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]227396[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]227397[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]227394[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]227393[/ATTACH]

Another day in flipflopistan

Religion of peace strikes again

Hio header joh hahhahah

hehe. hata mimi vile ningeona interview ya Murkomen ningechapa watu diversion straight to Mogadishu. Wueh 21 b. Spencer umeonja hio queen cake?

Hao kusaidika ni ngumu. Their conflict is directionless, ideology less and leaderless. Every morning they wake up to a new front. Mara qabil hawiye vs Ogaden vs majeerten vs marehan vs darood vs everybody else, Mara wahabi vs Sufi vs another denomination of Sufi vs something, Mara jihad Mara sijui nini. Non of the perpetrators knows what to do with they country if by of chance they win.

More like “if i can’t rule, no one will” Al-shabaab doesn’t give two cents about religion. They’re fascists and absolute disgrace.

It’s good to hear people like you denouncing Al-shabab. Just imagine what a peaceful, prosperous Somalia would be like? It’s about time.

I wish we had a peaceful ktalk for starters

Separate the pure us from caesarean born guys like @Koolibah

Elevate circumcised women against impure ones

It’s only in a shithole corruption conducive environment like Kenya where Somalians and their apparent ‘business accumen’ is appreciated.
That’s because Kenyans celebrate anyone with money.
No matter if it’s their own taxes being syphoned by corrupt politicians who flush their loot while laughing at them or whether it’s an illegal Somali pirate willing to buy some estate in Nairobi at an inflated price.

How come this Somalian business acumen is not replicated in the Western world where they are in their hundreds of thousands of not millions?
As I type this I’m listening to sky news and among the top stories, some Somali has got stabbed in Birmingham.

The most important human need is Dignity and Pride in oneself.

Wake me up when Somalians have the dignity to sort out their own country and it’s problems .
Then,I might begin to look at them differently.

An immigrant has no dignity.

Ebu ni-hook na uncle yako, Naushad Merali, niliskia mfuko yake haikauki

Elevate circumcised women against impure ones
FGM ni ya peasants huko mashinani, ata hujui hio nini.


But they’re Somali, right?

Elevate stupidity!

English dodged you in England.

Accepting the legitimacy of Al shabaab is the only way to peace. They have reasonable proposals, which are rejected by western stooges. This is what drives them to take extreme positions. What the population needs most is justice, both social and economic.The likes of Al shabaab have a better shot at justice than any democratic government.

The skinnies had two great chances of forever getting rid of al kebabs by rallying behind AU troops they were;

  1. The graduation of doctors that they sabotaged. Just think how long doctors train an on top of that in a war torn country ! These doctors were to help their people , well they did what they do best bombed them!
  2. The truck that went off at the junction killing over 400 civilians. These we’re not crusaders as they call them just regular folk going about their business. If this two incidents didn’t wake them up then sorry for them.

Haha! They all denounce al shabaab, they are all tired of the conflict, but they still fight.

Al shabaab as Islamic Courts had taken over the country with a cool and collect Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed as prezzy, but the shabaab wing wanted to spread jihad to Ethiopia and Kenya instead of settling down to rebuild the country.