@Bingwa Scrotum mbona mnanuka hivyo

:D:D:D @Bingwa Scrotum the delusional maragori nyeuthi kuja utwambie kwa nini mnanuka hivyo?


@Bingwa Scrotum and friends
@Bingwa Scrotum and friends in Instagram

This is racist… it is sad that with all your schooling you cannot see beyond races

Hujajibu mbona mnanuka

maybe it’s their natural scent


There is this animal fat wanajipaka nayo after bathing. It has a certain weird smell, if you’ve been around these people you know it right away.

I wish they just took daily showers and applied nothing. That smell is not good to the noses. I can’t imagine having to work 8 hours a day next to somebody who smells that

They stink coz they are stinkers

I don’t think you understood the video…
It’s actually Somalis are racist against the African bonobos with their weaves.
It’s actually the other way around

Zoomalia alshachieth brare fwakin.

Kuoga inakuwaga ni shida, mbona isinuke


You know the Jareers Somalis are the Bantu Somalis, who are very similar to other Bantus like Kikuyu, Luhya, kisii and other ethnic grouping in the sub-Saharan africa ?
All along , these Bantu Somalis have been discriminate, and this was one major factor in the Somali war.

There are these buses that ply between Nairobi and North Eastern passing through Nanyuki. I once boarded one at Karina on my way to Nanyuki. We wacha Tu. The smell that was in that bus was just too awful. I had to alight at a place called Maria which is more than 50km from my destination and take another vehicle.