Bingwa Arab cousin Racially discriminated

A Minnesota black cop jailed for killing a white something that’s a rarity for the White cops killing black men. Even after the #BlackLivesMatter Uncle Crow told them “it’s justified for yah niggas”.

this is outright discrimination!

but let me read the facts of the case first.

this is outright discrimination!

I wonder how they feel being second class citizens even when working for their government. Knowing that you are a nigga first and a cop second.

it must be the worst feeling. and an arab to boot. yaani if it was to get any worse he’d be dead.

@Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum and his kind are garbage

:D:D:D love your neighbor as yourself.

How dare you call Bingwa…A niggah!!!..they are ‘Arabs’…ile makohozi utarushiwa na Bingwa utapata cholera strain hautapona.

Msomali ghassia

I keep telling my arab fellows not go to that infidel and heretics country na hawaskii

The Arab world got thousand things better than that country

An Arab how???
Noor is a Somali name and if that guy is an Arab then I am White!Given I am like three shades lighter!

Atingwe kabisa land of trumpistan hawataki hasira.

shit off

My friend smell the coffee already

When did you last bathe if I may ask, Abeed?

Impersonators cannot be tolerated. You do not belong to my community,Abeed!