If you guys want, I will take a few hours a day to share what I know.


I won’t mind.

Meanwhile I hope Murphy hasn’t sold us out. Kuja season three @General Specific

that kind of leverage will wipe you out before you say hedge…

Stock market is not for the faint at heart. Inaweza kukosesha usingizi. In November, I doubled down on a particular stock after it double my money and now im back to square one after an offtake agreement fell through.

On theother hand, mutual funds ziko tu stable hata kama returns sio kubwa

Gani better? Forex or equities?but i get your point. Also are the NSE guys living good as the wall street guys? Hii NSE ya kenya iko sawa kweli? And now that you lltook a hit how volatile would you say it is? FYI i only learnt the difference between stock,shares and forex jana. I still do not know what futures and derivatives are na sasa umeongeza mutual fund kunichanganya.

Please do. Hata kama ni forex ama equities. Lazima tuanzir mahali. Also if you have a site we can go to read and get knowledge share

Nilitafuta jamaa ame specialize na Stocks (Investments Analyst) amefanya hiyo CFA alchemist anasema.Am going to have a 3rd sitting with him atleast to start figuring out where I can start.Are these guys known to make this stuff difficult to understand…

There is no better or worse investment. Always keep in mind that the higher the risk, the higher return. Mutual fund ni low risk, that is why returns are lower. Low cap stock are high risk, that is why I was able to make high return alafu zikaanguka.

You wont learn in one day, it is a process. Get your hands dirty, that’s how I learnt. As I said earlier, not an easy as it looks on TV.