So after watching season 1 and 2 of Billions. I am downloading 3 kesho ( super amazing cast by the way but i am not here to review the series) i have been wondering about stock exchange. Not neccessarily to invest but for the sake of knowledge. Who knows maybe some day i just might. Iko mtu hapa anajua mambo ya stock, viability, time on returns etc.
Halafu side note, imagine how the wall street crooks manipulate the market in developed countries hapa kenya na cartels si ni worse?

Kenya uwanja ni wa akina Jimna Mbaru.

@General Specific you can easily learn about stock markets if interested. How did you find Wags, Taylor Mason, Rods Junior and Axlerod?

Those guys are exceptional in acting… Exceptional i tell you. So good that it is even entertaining watching any of them sleep. I had only seen wags in breaking bad i had no idea he could crush a role this way.
That aside i admired what they did. I wonder if it can work for us. And how much money you need, what you need to know, how long return on investments takes etc

We used to have a firm like that in westie. Not running same account, nor with equally crazy fellows, but not far off. You can pull it off if you invest in skills.

I should google about hedge funds in kenya. Hii uwanja ikuwe wetu wote

I went to register a practice, CMA required I as a director to have finished CFA(Certified Financial Analyst -a very difficult course). Sio mchezo but working on it.

Hii kitu inaweza? If i have an investor or whatever those hedgefund guys are called. Ubaya utapata buy in ni half a mil. Unarudi tu kwa sportpesa

Sn 3 is on fire…

I got chills when rhodes junior burnt his 27mil trust fund kumbe ni well laid trap for axe. I had to pause and repeat. Those two guys rhodes and axe wacha tu. Najua ni chocha buy still wacha tu

I was to trade cooperate funds, starting at $100,000. Personal account at $500 you don’t need any registration. Itaweza anko.

I agree.

I dont usually watch any series if it has less than ten episodes but billions has changed all that .

Alafu kuna hiyo background orchestra inakaa drum roll. Damn! I took a cold one straight out of the fridge.

@Alchemist how much can one make and in what time frame? And what would be the minimum to join

The profit is only limited to capital and risk profile. I wrote a thread about that potential only my focus was on forex. However, markets are very similar.
Long term focused guys can celebrate their lungs out if they had +50% per year. With $1M that is ksh50M a year. Or 4.2m/month. With low capital the return falls yet performance is good.
High risk strategies can do +600% in three years.

Maybe share that post with me i read juu hata forex sijui ni nini. Okay najua but barely


Me too

Sielewi, mwambie a simplify

The post is as speculative as the business.