Billionaires lets save Venezuela's economy

The rates are quite cheap $200 for one girl and on the second day you get another girl absolutely free. The socialist country is in need of your Ksh however most of the girls aren’t that attractive its still a bargain. Safisha mecho at 29.44

wamechapa mbaya

Ok lets come back to kenya
what can $200 give ya


(17,000) -1 week room & brkfast, lunch & supper

3,000/500=6 hoes per day

I dunno what you mean by free but I think venezuelans should come to Kenya and save our “economy”


Ai hapana. Hawana sura wala mwili. Hapo ni kutupa pesa my fren.

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Huko hakuna Mchele .

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hehe huko mchele ni kama piriton utapewa kombi ya morphin adrenaline opium cocaine na Rohypnol ujipate mental


With the $200 it hotel accommodation plus the GFE of your choice which is fair in a foreign country.

With that crime rate, pass. Hebu google uone murder rate ya Caracas and other cities.


ma tranny wako ?

Hii ni ripoff my fren madem wamebeat peasantry tupu

hehe by the way hata kwanza Kidnappings atashtuka and with that budget inamaanisha its in the shady parts of town

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