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THE Queensland tradie who claims he is a billionaire has revealed his real bank balance.

Noosa man Phillip Johnathan Harrison has baffled authorities and the public after he told the Brisbane Magistrates Court that he had $590 million in cash and a big property portfolio.

This would earn him a place on Australia’s Rich List, and has already seen him dubbed Australia’s richest tradie.

The bricklayer and carpenter, appeared in court on Saturday after he was allegedly found with the drug ice, ecstasy and viagra after being pulled over by police for alleged dangerous driving.

The amount of money stumped even the lawyer representing him, Nick Hanly, who said: “I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

The Courier Mail reports Harrison may have used a computer app that makes a bank account look genuine, but is in fact a fake account.

Harrison revealed his assets in his bail application. People with a lot of money in their accounts are usually granted bail because they are considered less likely to try and flee before their case is brought back to court.

To get to the bottom of whether he really was one of Australia’s wealthiest citizens, A Current Affair reporter interviewed Harrison outside his home and asked him to log on to his online bank account.

Using the reporter’s phone Harrison revealed his cash balance was minus $42.57, not even close to the $590 million he claimed to have.

But Harrison did have a portfolio worth almost $2.2 million, almost $1.7 of that was in property and $456,207 was in superannuation.

However, the Commonwealth Bank app does allow customers to enter their own details of share portfolio property. So this only reflects the value the customer puts in.
‘Billionaire’ tradie Phillip Johnathan Harrison on A Current Affair. Picture: A Current AffairSource:Channel 9
Harrison’s bank account. Picture: A Current AffairSource:Channel 9

In another bizarre twist, Harrison reportedly told ABC that his lawyer misunderstood his instructions. He was reported to have said he had $1.56 billion worth of property but he told ABC outside court that this should have been $1.2 million in property.

The Courier Mail reported he told police he was worth $12 billion, later claiming he had amassed the fortune over the past year.
Phillip Harrison was released on bail on ice charges. Picture: Jamie HansonSource:News Corp Australia

When asked how he got the half a billion dollars listed on his bail application, Harrison said told A Current Affair he “won it” before correcting himself.

“Sorry not won it, I earnt it all overseas through ideas and apps I’ve been working for years online.”

During the interview he also claimed $128 billion had been “taken” and his Commonwealth Bank account had been frozen.

While he admits that the drugs he was found with were his, Harrison told A Current Affair the luxury Audi sports car he was driving at the time was not stolen, saying he was taking it for a test drive.
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