Bill ya stima

Watu hulipaje bill ya stima 20k kila mwezi???

How is this even possible…si hio ni rent mzima mzima

lanes my fren

Kuna architect husema that he pays more than 30k in elec bills, then quickly adds, maybe the heated swimming pool is the cause! Jamaa lazima aonyeshe wanaume vile amefika.

An architect who pays 30K power bill because of a heated swimming pools doesn’t do justice for his profession. He can install a solar pool heater easily and save money in the long run.

Hehehe…kweli kapsa.

Jinga mr. Know it all

@Deorro taftia uyu mtu ile reply ya @jimmy_m vile analipa 10k per month on household use only na ana solar

hehehehe am still shooketh

Wueh. Lanes. Mimi ikifika 3,000 utanipata nikicamp kwa HQ yao hadi wanioneshe vile ilifika hio amount.

mimi ikipita 400 in a month utanipata nje ya ofisi ya MD

Vile @Esese amesema hapo juu :D:D:D

Cooling and heating, in the late 90’s, a family friend installed air conditioning, heating system and water heater in his 5 bedroom house.
Electricity bill ili come 10k, akatoa hizo doido zote.

Playing the micro-tiniest violin for anyone who lives in an area with pre-paid kplc tokens.

It’s called “demographics”.


siku zile watu wa KPLC walikuwa wanakuja na kipikipi kukata stima they never got to many houses juu ya shepherd.

Saa hii hzo vitu ni kama success card kwa mamburoti juu ya njaanuary :D:D

So if you are rich enough to install those, what is 10k monthly?

cripi na cripi

They started last year, I was here complaining of high electricity bills

The rats are trying to pass to consumers billions of shillings in accumulated fuel costs.Kenyans should resist this shameless outright theft.

Maybe, u incur high electric bill in the month of January, when winter is coldest, in the south that is.
Then june, july and August when summer is blazing, you also tend to use more gasoline due to AC .
I’ve always wondered, what if, the Kenyan matatus and Buses, installed cooling n heating, tuanze na matatu za Rongai .