Bill Gates: We Must Depopulate Africa to Save Europe

Arap Moi shouted “pangeni uzazi” years ago and many thought he was against kikuyu’s…By 2030 Kenya’s population will be nearing 100 million.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]China to encourage people to have more children.

If Kenya was a welfare state like Western countries, the reality would be very different.

Introducing the world’s 10 most densely populated countries
[SIZE=5]1. Monaco[/SIZE]

Population density: 25,718.1 people per sq km

The principality covers just 0.78 square miles and boasts a population of some 37,000, which explains its superlative density. Barely room to swing an expensive pedigree feline.
Looks like the city is attempting to escape into the harbour Credit: This content is subject to copyright./WIN-Initiative
[SIZE=5]2. Macao[/SIZE]

Population density: 22,477.6 people per sq km

An autonomous territory of the People’s Republic of China, and a big gambling destination, Macao is renowned for its bright lights and hustle and bustle. It’s only 11.8 square miles.

[SIZE=5]3. Singapore[/SIZE]

Population density: 8,226.7 people per sq km

This shimmering city state is another tiny enclave of rubbing shoulders. Despite increasing its size by some 23 per cent - thanks to land reclamation - it remains immensely densely populated, and only 277.6 square miles. It also enjoys (suffers from) basically an eternal summer, with temperatures rarely dipping below 26C.
Hong Kong looking pretty busy Credit: coolbiere/coolbiere photograph
[SIZE=5]4. Hong Kong[/SIZE]

Population density: 6,654.7 people per sq km

Across the Pearl River Delta from Macao, Hong Kong is somewhat roomier but still pretty jam-packed. The autonomous territory is also 60 per cent water.

[SIZE=5]5. Gibraltar[/SIZE]

Population density: 4,892.3 people per sq km

The Rock squeezes about 32,000 people into a space a little bit smaller than Bangor. And then there are all the monkeys too.
This monkey can’t stand Gibraltar’s high population density Credit: This content is subject to copyright./Michael Zwahlen / EyeEm
[SIZE=5]6. Bahrain[/SIZE]

Population density: 1,959.2 people per sq km

The third smallest country in Asia, behind Singapore and the Maldives, Bahrain is home to just 295 square miles of land and a whole load of Grand Prix fans, after the nation became the first in the Middle East to host the race of the fast cars in 2004.

[SIZE=5]7. The Vatican City[/SIZE]

Population density: 1,818.1 people per sq km

The country within a city has a population of about 1,000, including the Pope, and an area of approximately 110 acres. The Vatican also employs around 2,000 people and welcomes some 25,000 tourists a day. Crowded.
Swiss guards at the Vatican bustle for elbow room Credit: REUTERS/MAX ROSSI
[SIZE=5]8. Sint Maarten[/SIZE]

Population density: 1,379.8 people per sq km

This figure refers to the Dutch half of the island in the Caribbean, rather than the French (Saint-Martin). It’s a busy old place with 33,609 people sharing just 13 square miles. Though they are lovely square miles.

[SIZE=5]9. Malta[/SIZE]

Population density: 1,364.6 people per sq km

The Maltese capital, Valletta, at 0.8 square kilometres, is Europe’s smallest, while the rest of the island - and its sibling Gozo, is hardly massive. Sat low in the Mediterranean, Malta has Europe’s second highest population density.
Valletta is Europe’s smallest capital Credit: This content is subject to copyright./Neale Clark / robertharding
[SIZE=5]10. Bermuda[/SIZE]

Population density: 1,237.3 people per sq km

The British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic is home to pink sand beaches, turquoise waters and a population of some 65,000 people, all spread across 181 islands, but just 20.6 square miles.

waache kutusumbua. Africa has land that even accomodates wildlife.

Africa is not overpopulated, far from it. We have to look at the population density in Africa, ( people per square mile ). The population density of Europe is higher than in Africa, (more people per square mile Africa), so in fact Europe is overpopulated and Europeans are not complaining about it