Bill gates on African leaders

Gates has shared how he “feels bad” for African leaders who were always traveling to the U.S. and Europe to attend conferences, when they had more important work to do in their own countries.

i cant waste my energy having any feelings for ‘African leaders’ unless am directly related to them.

Let those western countries make it harder for them to seek treatment there,wote tupambane na ventilator moja kwa ward chafu,with stressed health personel

per diems…side chicks…shopping…

This fuckin devil and his wife was hopping that Africa would fall from corona virus so he could vaccinate us and engage in his depopulation agendas. This is why i supported Trump, he knew what this devil and WHO was for. Will the American people or europe let themselves be vacinated by him now when they are most affected? Our biggest issue is really our sellout leaders.

This wouldve so much funnier if only it wasnt tragically true. All the same, nimecheka yangu yote.

This is a wicked Devil