Bill Gates disappeared from work in a golden brown Porsche to meet women.-Kutenda na Kupatikana

I’m struggling to understand how a story about him cheating has been turned around into “he was taken down by women”. When will people be held accountable for what they do? How do you just decide to be a victim when it fits your narrative?


I think he means they lost their “clean image”.

:D:D:D simiyu amekujibu hapa juu

You make some serious allegations there mate , by using Bill and “underage” in the same sentence. Where will you hide when Bill comes for you?

He knows English and how it works as a language. I don’t believe for a second that his choice of words was an accident.

It’s good what is happening. Now Bill Gates has something new to battle with and occupy his time. He has been too preoccupied with vaccines over the past years. A break from an obsession is always welcomed.

:D:D weh. He is really being distracted from unleashing more bio weapons.

Umechokoza nyuki. Sasa huyo malaya wa paipu @Coronatities atakuandama kama nzi ya choo.

Tellim’ to take a screenshot of his alerts and I can take one of my own kabla you start asking for deletion of comments and threads. Mine are 90% from you since that day I asked you a question ukawashwa baby girl. Si nilikushow utulie?

How do I get, for example, 15 alerts daily na zako ni kama 12 out of those? Hata @uwesmake who’s been doing that since 2015 only tags me two to three times in a week. Wewe ni daily! Multiple times! :D:D:D alafu you have the balls to get mad at me for not getting angry and whining to admin vile wewe humkimbilia kwa inbox useme watu. Kama hujui ku-handle feels zako online and your attempts at trolling hazinifikii, it’s not my problem.

Sikuwa na ubaya!

Sh[SIZE=2]hh[/SIZE][SIZE=1]hh[/SIZE]. Calm down. No one is attacking you.

You are not in danger.