Bill Cosby's conviction overturned.

The judge has ordered for his immediate release saying the the case was mishandled.
A blow to the #metoo movement.
Source: Aljazeera

Great times we living in

Hehe… he must have top-flight lawyers.


miss me with that conviction like whoosh


From some guy on reddit

"Lawyer here. I’ve skimmed the decision, and here’s what happened.

The main reason this case was overturned was because in 2005 the Montgomery County District Attorney effectively promised never to prosecute Cosby for raping Andrea Costand (through a public press release saying he was not going to prosecute Cosby), believing that there was no way he could get a conviction, and seeking to give her some justice by helping her when she sued him for the assault in civil court.

Because the DA had said they were not going to prosecute him, Cosby was unable to “plead the 5th” in the civil lawsuit and was forced to admit under oath at depositions to giving multiple women Quaaludes before he sexually assaulted them, and even said he gave Costand multiple Benadryl before he assaulted her.

Years later, a new Montgomery County DA said that the DA in 2005 hadn’t formally bound the state, and therefore she could go forward with prosecuting him. At the trial, Cosby’s lawyers argued that he couldn’t be prosecuted because of what the DA did in 2005, but the judge said that earlier decision was not enforceable and allowed Cosby to be prosecuted, in part because there was no signed non-prosecute agreement, only the public statement.

Today the Pennsylvania Supreme Court disagreed (link to decision is here), saying that:

For the reasons detailed below, we hold that, when a prosecutor makes an unconditional promise of non-prosecution, and when the defendant relies upon that guarantee to the detriment of his constitutional right not to testify, the principle of fundamental fairness that undergirds due process of law in our criminal justice system demands that the promise be enforced.

In other words, the DA in 2005 promised not to prosecute Cosby for raping Costand (in an effort to allow her to sue him civilly), that must be enforced, and therefore Cosby goes free.

There are other aspects to the decision, but that’s the big one"

When I was in college…Cosby had real powerful friends there…they finally paid back…



#metoo movement ilianza na Cosby, then exploded with Weinstein, the world is really changing fast

Reactions from showbiz types were swift and fierce. :D:D





phuck those metoo feminist chieth. Cosby is the best comedian of all time

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Phylicia Rashid stuck by Cosby and publicly defended him.
Rare woman.
She might lose her new job as a Dean at Howard University because of that tweet.
But you got admire someone who stands by a friend for life.