Bila utelezi


Shida iko wapi? At least they are working unlike Ruto who used to use his 50 GK cars to tanga tanga from dusk till dawn, daily for the past 10 years.

The number of times Ruto has stepped into his official office to do govt work are very few. I bet his office furniture is still brand new.

In fact they should direct Ruto’s money to the judiciary where it’s needed.

Kwa ivo Ruto hatembei na chopper?

Si anatumia zote. Kwani ataongelesha watu kama amesimama juu ya helicopter?

Si lazima akanyaga rooftop ya GK na aharibu juu sio yeye atalipia repairs. If that prado belonged to him personally he wouldn’t seat or walk all-over the roof top.

Ruto hata hajui petrol station hukaa aje.

Heri huyo anaiba pesa kuliko ao matapeli wawili wa handshake wanaibia watoto wetu future yao.

Uhuru amejenga mabarabara zinatumiwa na watu. What has Ruto contributed in his 10 years as a Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya?

tutatumia izo mashamba tukienda kubeg chakula gatundu ama? sio tax yetu imefund izo barabara, hatuezi ziafford.

GK vehicles are safely parked at Weston.
Arror learnt his lessons while in opposition eons ago. One of the most degrading acts a a senior govt official can suffer is being sacked at 1pm with subsequent withdrawal of official vehicles and security detail.
He isn’t taking chances. But our beloved JJKB[SIZE=1] [/SIZE][SIZE=5] lovingly rides in them. Pray, that he isn’t ‘sacked’ at 1pm. It will be a long day.[/SIZE]

Yes, tx payers money, and we have millions of Kenyans who still don’t pay tax