Biker Eats Crow When Challenging A Porsche. Definitely Insurance Won't Pay This Fool As He Licks His Wounds & Totals His Expensive Bike


Kwani hio bike iko na hp ngapi inarusha biker off kama karatasi, what is need of all that power when it can’t be used.

Talk of being forced to run when not expecting.
Biker lazima ameumia katikati ya mkia

That Porsche can’t really beat the bike. I donno what he’s thinking, taking that challenge. Because it’s not really a good match, a bikes acceleration is insane.

That’s one injury haufunzwi ukindesha bike. Drive safely wanaume.

Play stupid challenges, win stupid prizes.

The race is not to the swift…


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

It just did, because there is a limit to power over weight ratio. Riding an engine doesn’t mean it will be fast :smiley: