Bike review

Anyone has maoni on the Jincheng 250 kabla pesa ilunywe maji?

@Makonika alisema usi guze pikipiki chinese

bei ni ngapi lakini? this Raleigh here goes for 250k and its 250cc


Get a Harley kama ni yako ya kujivinjari. Lakini kama ni boda, go Chinese for best ROI

Those Jincheng ni urembo tu… Ukipata accident kidogo bike inaisha

This raleigh kweli ina looks, height mzuri you can see over cars in traffic na a little power, you will easily pass most Indian bikes on the road . However the construction is like all things chinese

Don’t waste your mulla on this Chinku junk. Ni jina tu ya the old reliable bikes wamebandika hapo. otherwise the materials even the engine are no better than those bajaj. Rattles a lot too, not very comfy for long rides

ukiwa na 250k, ingia pale mukuru kwa zuckerberg tafuta group najiita African motorcycle diaries na useme unasaka bike.

Damn! vile nimemezea hii bike bana, how did you about this conclusion though?

l had a similar bike , older model lakini l clocked over 20,000 kms on the biaatch rode her till she fell apart

Just thinking… Your 250k…Weka 150k kwa account. Hio yenye imebaki, buy a second hand Yamaha DT 175, or another Japanese ‘high seat’ bike; without the engine; buy a new 200cc four stroke, low consumption engine, (kedo 35k); fix it there and clean the bike. You’ll die before it does.

Which brand for the new engine… Sounds interesting, I have a healthy respect for DT 175 very hardy and comfortable

May be lifan or if you can get a Yamaha ybr engine that would be cool. Basically an engine that has a counter balance to avoid vibrations.

Awesome bikes. I have a workout bike which I bought two years ago and rode all the streets and rooftops of my city’s streets and houses. I was falling many times because of a lack of vision, I had many incidents because of that until my dad bought me a led for a bike which helps me a lot now. Here he bought me a super bright led with four modes and the best thing is led is waterproof and indestructible. I can ride a bike when it rains or snows outside, day or night, this led illuminates my entire road. I asked my dad about the warranty and he said this led has a warranty for life which is a little bit hard to believe but I have this led on my bike for 2 years and it still works.