Bike pannier racks

Very few bikers on this forum, but either way, just in case you or future ones want to prep your bike to carry luggage on an overland tour, you don’t need to spend too much on stock pannier racks.
You can have them custom made.

This is a Kawasaki KLR 250.
I fell out with the owner immediately after the small project (if you’re here, dear owner, wewe ni ng’ombe saidi…x2 for the snide remark you made about Africans). There is no way I will ditch my 600 to burn petrol on your 250 in the name of a joy ride. Hence the reason I always take a pic of the odometer when I collect a bike and another when I return it.
FYI, your carburettor was leaking even before I picked the bike… Saitan…

Komrade Omosh always does the pre-project inspection.

First step, as usual is to make a wire template then buy pipes and have them bent.

Test fit…na welding kidogo…cc. ng’ombe @Purple


Check for symmetry… then disassemble for final finish.


The stupid African even made you Kawasaki decal for your cowl… for free…

I learnt a thing or two, but you’re one client I don’t want to come back.

Enjoy your rides lakini.

Mad respect introkanika.

you need exorcism kipara ngoto! the other day shinny eye ali-terminate biz after kuona jina yako kwa mpesa, now this???
btw chungana na @kichwakibovu ama uone hizo mbisha pale daily post, with a tittle you won’t believe!!
a small dog eats the tyres of an expatriate’s bodaboda! you won’t believe what the mzungu called the owner of the dog

Introfart kujia WD40 Jamuhoroni. Nice craftsmanship

That man thrives on scandal. Not sweat… Hehehe.

because of people here siwezi sema nduthi au kawasaki bila kucheka ka fala!! :confused::confused:

Do you mean watu wa lifan, skygo, kingbird , bajaj na boxer sio bikers?:D:D:D Wako tu humu humu :D:D:D

IKR! Juzi I was bathing my little man and I told him, “ngoja nikukamue” that’s direct translation from Greek for let me rinse you. And I burst out laughing!

Symmetry unaangalia na kamba ya mbuzi ama kabiru?

Ambia yeye aende akawasaki nayo… :smiley:

Kamba ilikuwa ya kuzuia kuchoma mataa.

wacha kunitaja ovyo ovyo ama…


Incidental I was just researching those pannier carriers yesterday, saw someone selling the aluminum boxes in olx for $1k which I though was outrageous…anyways, can one have the boxes also made? Ama zitakua mzito sana…

Wololo, those boxes are ridiculously priced.
Buy a sheet of aluminium checker plate and fabricate behind the house.

Wajitokeze bas tufanye coup d’etat kwa hii kijiji.

mimi yangu ya 5OI(five on it) haihitaji hizi

Hii sijui.

Great, lets see the final pics. Alafu pannier zenyewe ni za canvass? Remember i want crash bars as well.

He had canvas bag made.
If we meet I shall take good pictures.
The bars you want are for what bike exactly?