Biggest lie

What is the biggest lie you have ever told to save your ass?

17 drunk as fuck(time ya bluemoon) passed out kwa mlango… morning mother amenipata imebidi nimwambie my best friend who had moved to coast amededi :D:D:Dkutoa attention


I told my friends I was Denzel Washington, and they believed me…

don’t know why i’m laughing


Posed as police and went on an extortion spree. Wakenya ni waoga sana

Huyo dame ni kasiiin yangu…

…hata Mimi niliamini kapsaa

Ooh yes I remember.

That’s what happens when you have retard friends

upussss c semi

upussss c semi

" oh Yah I trust you too" upuzi kabisa there’s nobody I trust in this world as of yet. I don’t even trust myself because Kuna vitu nilisema sitai fanya but here I am still doing them.


Siwes mwaga ndani

Whatever the case, nobody’s gonna arrest you without enough proof and evidence

Am at my most convincing when am lying coupled with I have an innocent looking face. There are many times my accusers have been forced to almost apologize for having suspected me in the first place.

Down on my luck, broke as a donkey and my bill adding up with every order, I spotted three lady patrons enter the club. I walked over to them, took their order, asked for the cash, two crisp 1k notes landed in my hands. I paid my bill of 800 and casually walked out of the club.

kumbe bingwa loves your innocence?