Biggest Cope on KTalk

“b-build yourself, y-you’ll get girls when you’re 40”

Talk about Cope LOL

Naskia wewe unafanana na ile ngombe sura kiatu Malaya liberal ilipigwa combi na watu wanne




She subtly negates the part where the likes of akina @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii say that you should pump dump after cum dump.Sly bitch that one I tell you :D.


:smiley: :smiley:

hi girlciki93?

Huwezi survive hii ktalk Kama you are a SHE, full stop. You will be shot down before you even express yourself, jaribu kilimani mums, utasikika

Nani ameambia huyu mwanamke ati getting girls is the goal. Even as we build, we are eating them; kwani what else are women for? Looking pretty and being fcuked, ndio maana all their content revolves around make-up and sex-talk/relationships. That’s a woman’s sole value proposition, her warm hole

How can you make a woman a goal in your life? What is her ROI? Niskie mtu akisema companionship, that shit is mostly the man making her laugh.


Haha just another post-wall trying to shame men back to the plantation. Shaming tactics don’t work any more lady, and getting women has nevr been the goal. Women are just the icing on the cake, never the purpose. Shaming pelekea beta males wa kilimani mums

Mimi hujiuliza,God yani aliamua kuumba mwanaume,after that akaangalia venye jamaa iko akaona hii jama inahitaji kitu,badala aumbe akaona atatumia a piece of hio jamaa amtengenezee kitu ya kujibamba nayo as he goes on naming…ei,God hapendi ujinga,yeye ni Alpha

The problem is that 40 looks like it’s a lifetime away but even 60 just arrives like how Corona arrived. The end of such mails is well documented over the course of history. There really is nothing new under the sun. All this bravado ends in premature death, suicide, alcohol and drug related deaths or HIV related deaths. Life is not for entertainment and nobody is more cognizant of that fact than an old Don Juan. Don’t argue with these guys. Time wounds all heels. Especially heels who think having a penis somehow exempts them from the harsh realities of an ephemeral life. I’ve seen the other side of the bravado and defiance and it’s brutal especially for people with big egos. Knock yourselves out boys, the day of reckoning is beckoning. The beauty of it all, is how time flies when you are having fun. No mortal has ever mastered the world and you are not going to be the first. Life kicks ass every time.

You know, the opposite of love isn’t contempt, it’s indifference. You remind me of atheists, they think God is the most worthless thing but when they talk about Him you can cut the contempt they have for Him with a knife. If women mean so little to you why should they elicit such contempt? You like atheists are in denial about your feelings. If something means nothing to you, you can’t possibly have such palpable contempt for it. Carl Jung calls it the shadow. We hate in others what is in us. Or what is an unwanted unacceptable part of us. Read on the shadow by Carl Jung. Very insightful. That said, I take offense to the referencing of an entire human being as a warm hole. Since even animals like chickens and goats have warm holes. Remember that as a man your is 2 parts female. Look up genetics. So when you insult and demean women you are insulting majority of your DNA. You can still be alfa mail without denigrating women. IJS. And hate and contempt is not good for your immune system in this age of viruses. If you die young, you will not be able to enjoy the warm holes. So keep it positive. Insulting women doesn’t make you a man or the man. If you were circumcised I am sure they taught you that.

The wall is coming…wait for it!

I wanna be rich, I wanna be promiscous
I wanna make lots of money ,make my heart proud
Live and die like Hefner
le le le le lee lee leee

Jungian psychology ni meffi

Knock yourself out boss. Maisha ni yako. Pesa ni yako. And bcz there will always be poor women who are young and beautiful, you can literally drown yourself in punane. There’s a guy I don’t remember his name but he was way worse than Hefner and about half Hefners age. Yaani the guy was resolute in womanizing or sexualizing. His end was the most tragic thing I had ever seen in modern history. But hey am sure the universe will make an exception for you. To enjoy your hedonism with no consequences. Just don’t say, you never heard that the end can be brutal.