Biggest Army Ever!!

From a healthcare publication far from you:

“Trump wants the strongest army ever but Americans are too fat to fight”.

soon they will have no army, and McDonald’s and Dominos will make sure of that

They will recruit abroad, America haiwes kaa bila army.

American jakuonist, how comes you liberals have abandoned this pipe bomb business so quickly?

Does it mean that you are also not entirely convinced about the suspect or the story peddled about him?

Kenya is no better… Ukimaliza training you end up pregnant… By grenade smoke of course.

many people from other nations will give up anything to be on US Army payroll.

The day of having massive human armies is slowly coming to an end.

That’s why Trump’s newly found strategy is stupid. He’s a draft dodger and has no business rattling sabres.

The recent decision to revive missile production is a desperate attempt to get back at Russia for scuttling the Iraq gig.

What would a huge marching army achieve in today’s reality?

hehehe… priceless :smiley:

It is however inaccurate. Young people are probably healthiest in the USA. Having a six-pack is almost a prerequisite to dating.

More interesting is Trump’s machismo. Unless he reintroduces the draft, I don’t see how he’s going to convince people to enlist. The example he’s giving them every day is that money is everything. Cheat, steal or intimidate to prove your worth.

Hillbillies however might pick up arms if they get sober enough to remember where the recruiting station is. And then drill instructors will have to explain to them that in war, screaming ‘yiihaaa’ will get you killed…

Good luck Drumpf.

Kassin, If I’m not mistaken, he was referring to equipment. Did you know that the drones doing most of the damage in the M.E. are flown from San Diego and other US stations? With advances in technology, you can do far more with fewer soldiers.

Kassin, your opinion is confounded by medical facts.

Obesity - Our World in Data

If they could only break it down by military eligible age groups…

In most research, ‘adult’ falls in the 17+ to 54 range. Most people that enlist are in the 17 to 24 bracket.

:D:D:Dlou texas ama luo american ,where is that cat from the PD?

:smiley: unataka kuitwa #Pleb kabla mwaka hiishe [emoji23]

Kalienda wapi? I kinda miss him.

…ebu tafuteni yeye huko trumpstan. Iko wakati amewekelea a watch iko na usito watu wakaleta shida sana .
ION Trump akianzia kurecruit non citizens kwa Jeshi weka notifikashen kwa inbox kijana hapa ahame kwa muhindi

Huyo jamaa alikuwa na vitu mob za uzitoo hadi unashindwa weh! AG, je ukitumwa kupigana kwa kina abdul, si poa.

Honestly nitaenda. KDF ni pesa nilikosa physically kwa field nilikuwa sawa.

Kassin, you note that you live in a shithole where security starts with you. A country where marauding thugs, leave alone external invaders, could dispatch you to your maker and the local OCS term it as a NORMAL robbery.
Don’t you think your brilliance in matters security could do a huge favour to our security managers? Heck, you could even advice the presidency as well as the Security Council.
ION, I find it interesting that you, who spends his time on ktalk, know more on foreign policy and security strategies than Trump who has fully paid advisors, think tanks and the academia at his disposal. This buttresses my conviction that the Kenyan govt thrives on mediocrity. I mean, how could they pass you up during appointments? Lakini usijali, Jakuon is in gavament courtesy of the handcheque. He will look up your impressive resume and look Uhunye straight in the eye and tell him “@Nattydread must be included in the next reshuffle. No way such brilliance is going to waste”. To which Uhunye will nod wisely and respond " How come the NIS has never brought this to my attention?" and immediately summon the NIS boss to state house to explain why he never mentions you during the regular briefs. The NIS boss, in double quick time, would show up at Statehouse trembling like a leaf. He will explain that it was a serious oversight on his part and vow to sack his juniors who kept such a brilliant security strategist as @Nattydread from contributing to the nation.
Nimechoka kutype wacha nikojoe nilale.

I don’t think so. As long as we depend on oil. Murikka will take any ‘necessary measures’ to bully anyone and everyone to trade oil in dollars.
Gaddafi saw this bluff. ((the US just print money and give it to you in exchange for commodities)) tried asking for Gold in exchange_dead
Saddam Hussein tried to swap to Euros _dead
Saa hii Petrodollar inamulika Iran. It’s the only country in the middle east that does not have an American army base in the middle east… But wamezunguka Iran yote ((Google search American army bases in the middle east))
I learnt this stuff from forex trading. You can make alot of money by following ‘war’ . Something they always do… Is crash the local currency. The value depreciates dramatically ((research the Iraqi dinnar, before invasion it was worth more than that US dollar today it’s worth less than 1 KSH)) so, if you buy that currency at its lowest, eventually after the invasion they will start “reconstruction” EFFORTS and the value appreciates…
Forget Trump, the American war machine is a force to recon with. And I don’t think it’s getting smaller