bigger dick

who has successfully enlarged his dick hapa wakubwa i need my 6.5 inches to be 9 inches.


haya basi teremsha suruali nikutombe sasa


anataka nimwabie nini akijileta kwa post bila usefull info ?

buy a magnifying glass

While on this topic , kindly remember that D*ick size is just a mind thing …

Lesbians do just fine with their 1 inch Cl*its …

shida ni sibebi magnyfying glass nikienda kurarua kunguru

small dick quotes

there are tablets called vigor

Nonsense bullshit!

Said the small d!cked nigger.


lmao by all standards my dick big, not huge though where i want it to be…unataka kuconfirm?

lmao…sitaki ikatwe ikatike

maweza pata wapi mkubwa and have you tried them yourself?

Unless you have a microdick, dont worry. Kazi ita endelea.

nataka kungoa cervix ya mtu mimi

It’s all in the technic little man. I use to think that all it takes is a big dick n most times ended up disappointing the chik, ata one told me to my face I have a big dick but don’t know how to fuck. So I had to ask her for some advice n ever since then ata my married exes naweza itisha friendly n they don’t think twice before spreading them legs