big office, zero power


Ktn propaganda

Gideon’s propaganda

True this what is happening ruto sasa hata nusu mkate hana

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Ghosh…! Tumechoka na hii story. We already know it. It is abundantly clear. Why sing a lullaby about it to us every single day

Sympathy votes are building up for the guy. Is Doctari really this incompetent that he’s building up a direct rival with his own business?

This would have been unfathomable 3 years ago. If you asked me, ningesema umevuta bhangi petroli na mafwi ya mchawi rolled in one

Building a direct rival

This takataka started campaigning 4 years before the election disrupting government business and focus. In as much a Konyangi1 is clueless, he wanted to focus on his second term and leave kidogo legacy.
Huyu mwizi and his politicking could not let it happen. Akule ujeuri yake.

I don’t think so, kenya hakuna sympathy votes but tribal voting blocks.

Ruto without power needs Murathe and Atwoli and Raila and Kamanda and Wamalwa and everyone else to tame him, na saa io ni ile ako at his weakest point. Wacheni Ruto aitwe Ruto

gazeti niya kufunga nyama