Big Nyash CBD.Wangapi wamesalimia huyu


Uko brothel gani? Nalipa 150

Ni was wapi?

Salamia kwanza alafu uweke reviews

Nipee namba omwami, am feeling horny for her

Now married by a simp in her home country Uganda… But just to dissapoint you, she was hiv positive…

Alipona…hauku skia?!

Thought alienda Turkey



Wah!!! i used to eat this jackline . she messed up the sheets kwa lodging in ngara with her “squirting”… funny thing is I “oraquicked” her and she was negative…she nust have gotten that HIV sometime last year then…

Was to eat her sometime back but schedule ikakataa, kumbe niliponea

evidence iko wapi ama ni kelele zako

ako turkey wacha na huyo fala mzee mashavu anajiundia maneno
swallow medicine slowly slowly without disturbances

lakini hio kitu was SWEEEEET!!! …i recommend it 100% if you can get around that HIV thing…
there is something about uganda pussy…

What has that got to do with anything really?You assume people smash whores without protection?

I know what you are talking about.No regrets whatsoever


Iko wapi picha ama video ya nyash?