Big Name Media Houses Such As NMG Employs STD 2 Dropouts As Editors

Look at the caption of this photograph? Is it the body that is snaking its way or the convoy?

Hehe the body meanders down the road

Yaani a dead body ndio ina escortiwa hiyo design

You are not concerned barabara imefungwa lane zote …

If they can get the job done, why not?

how old are you if i may ask.Kenyatta’s body was hand pulled,wengine horse and carriage,wengine wako na super cars as escorts. You sound a bit naive but i may be wrong,you could be suggesting about THAT dead body,my bad…as you were

It would be quite a sight, seeing a body snaking it’s way anywhere.

The media houses are just employing people on ethnic and nepotism grounds. Anyone can be employed as long as they know someone somewhere